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Stay prayed up

Every day, I feel a little bit closer, and it seems as though the puzzle is becoming more clear. The road up ahead is unclear, but if you have the Father, with you, you will be safe. This life is just temporary, and the only ones that should worry, are those that are not, making an attempt to change. It’s important to renew the mind daily, sometimes I need to do this a few times, in one day. Some my find it necessary to rebuke their own flesh. If there is a temptation, and you feel like your about to cave say, No! I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. I am not moved by my emotions anymore. The old man is gone and all things have become new. The best time to practice this is first thing when someone wakes up, and when the seeds are being planted in ones mind. When we are the Lords servants it is important to realize those thoughts are not our own, because His word says we have the mind of Christ.

The enemy is on a war path, because he knows his time is short. If someone is not praying everyday it leaves, themselves, and everyone that they love potentially vulnerable. There’s usually several people in a family that are not saved, and this is something that someone can take to the Lord, in prayer. Push through the darkness of this world, and find other likeminded Christians that will pray with you if necessary. I will always be here for prayer, my email

I love you all and have to get back to prayer at this time myself.

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Hate sin not the sinner

Pray for your brothers and sisters

So many people are concerned about others sinning, and then lose sight, of their own hearts, and own lives. Just because you are not doing that thing, it is important to remember each person is on their own. we should constantly be in prayer so we don’t fall for any tricks the enemy, has set for us.

I think when someone is pointing out sin someone else has, if they aren’t doing it in love, they are doing it out of pride. Pride comes before a fall that is in the Bible so it’s important to drill that in your brain because it’s a easy trap to fall into. We are human souls and constantly have spiritual forces attacking or setting traps for us. The point of this is it is important to examine ourselves and our hearts. There is a specific way the Bible instructs Christians to handle sin, but this is in the church, and has been long forgotten. I find it strange that people always find a way, to find someone else’s fault but not their own. Maybe their pride is making them blind.

We are fighting against a spiritual enemy, and I do not believe, that anyone has any reason to hate people, because God is love and does not hate anyone he hates the sin. I pray that the sin begins to break our hearts, before we even think about doing them, so that we do not hurt our Father.

Father, I thank you for this day, and I ask you to forgive me, for focusing on other peoples sin, instead of my own. I pray that I begin to have wisdom as I keep in this journey. I come against anything or habit that is holding anyone reading as a prisoner. I plead the blood of Jesus over the chains that bind them and break them, in the name of Jesus. I rebuke any spirits or forces that are trying to trap or destroy anyone, or everyone reading. I pray for people to wake up out of their spells they’ve been put under. I pray that the deception of these rulers be revealed so maybe people realize what they are planning. Lord don’t let my pride get in the way. Let me stay humble and obedient. Mold me and make me into what you want me to be Father. I thank You, and praise You, for, all these things.

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If we do not forgive someone, the Father will not forgive us. Just think of all the times we messed up, even after knowing Jesus, we still were rebellious and tried things our way. How could any one hold hate in their heart knowing the Almighty Father will not forgive you. I want everyone, to make, it to heaven, so examine your hearts. When we are unforgiving, we are walking down a dangerous road. Think of it this way if Jesus tells us to forgive and we are not forgiving, it makes us rebellious and disobedient. It is a long road breaking out of the world and setting yourself apart from it. How many of the people when they worshipped Baal on the mountain, were just doing it cause others were. Don’t be like the world because eventually, you may just be a part of a crowd and get swallowed by the ground. I think there is more spiritual truths in this story because most stories in the Bible have two meaning but it’s positive and powerful always. This says a lot, because we may not be held accountable to the world for things, but God knows everything. He knows you because He made you. He loves all of us but does not tolerate sin. It’s time for Christians to stop thinking they can do what they want and still go to heaven. Someone can go to hell for in forgiveness and if they go to hell for that they can go to hell for being in sin

I’ve seen so many beautiful souls completely destroyed because someone offended them and they refuse to forgive said person. Theres way more health benefits to living a happy life than, than being upset all the time. I sometimes try to pray for people I may not even realize I’m holding a grudge against. I refuse to let people, and spiritual forces take me down. I choose to forgive, and you should too.

Father I pray for everyone here. I pray first off that you forgive me for anything I might have done thought or said and didn’t realize it in my sleep or awake. I pray that you heal all wounds involved in someone being hurt reading so that it’s easier for them to forgive. I’m believing that your forgiveness will come if I keep seeking you and asking. Help me find ways to reach more people. If these articles help anyone Lord bring it before their eyes. Father I also pray for others to wake up we need more prayer warriors. I ask you to protect anyone in the world that’s trapped or in a bad situation. I pray that angels watch over them and leads them to safety. Father take over my body or send angels too if I start leading people astray. Let my spirit know. I pray that all the human slaves in this world, are some how supernaturally released. Father help us when we pray so we can pray the right things. I want to be a witness, but I don’t know how I could have ever sank as low as I did. Forgive me for my laziness in my walk with you Lord. I feel as I know you but I could have a deeper relationship and understanding of You. Lord bless everyone hear and help them know when they are not forgiving help us all work on ourselves and stop worrying about others unless they worried about the soul. Father I thank you and praise you for all you’ve done.

We are supposed to be walking like Jesus did can you imagine, instead of going to work, witnessing to others. I know that there are blessings in the fact that you are being obedient to God when we witness.

I can tell you though most stubborn people will do whatever it is more if you nag them. Take it to God, pray about it maybe fast, and once you pray it’s very important to not speak negative against your prayer. I don’t let others say negative things either and if they do and keep doing it I cut them off. This person is either deceived and struggling themselves or was sent to get between you and God. Keep your faith and forgive right away. Self control is a fruit of the spirit and when people start raising their voice at each other self control goes out the window really fast. Forgiveness is an attribute of our God and if it wasn’t we would all be going to hell. If He is your father then you have to forgive we are commanded too.

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What’s holding you back

Habits hold people back, from being who they are called, to be. The enemy will stop at nothing to separate you, from the Father. Pray like you never have, that you, your family, and loved ones are all praying too. I believe we are living in the last days and if we do not spend time, with the Father, we are leaving ourselves, our family, and friends vulnerable. Don’t depend on others to pray. We all know others, that are not putting the Father, first. I believe this may be an open door, for an attack, of the enemy. Spending time, with the Father , consist of, fasting, prayer, and praise/worship.

Part of taking control, of your life, is realizing, what the enemy is after. The first thing the enemy is after is souls. The way he does this, is by distracting people, from Him, the Father. Take control of your time, by spending time, with the Father. If we are not spending time, with the Father, we will not have oil, when Christ returns. Can you imagine a world, without Christians? If our prayers hold evil back, imagine this world, when Gods spirit is no longer here. We need to be ready, we need to be prepared, and preparing others. If you are not preparing others, are you, yourself, be deceived, or distracted?

I believe, and am afraid, most, of the world, is under s spell or asleep. When the versus speak of Jesus waking the disciples, but they kept sleeping. I believe this is a warning, for us, to wake up, dear brothers and sisters. I pray the blood of Jesus over everyone’s minds, as they read these words, in the name of Jesus, may this prayer get out. Lead me Lord as I pray this prayer. I request one thing for you, to pray, these words, over your life.

Father, I pray for forgiveness, for anytime I make anything, more important than You, in my dreams or when, I’m awake. Lord, help the spiritual blinders, be removed from me, and everyone I care about, please pour Your spirit, on those that seek You. Release the binds, or bondages over, the minds, of everyone reading this. I come against, anything, and everything, coming against this prayer and these people and I rebuke you. In the name of Jesus, anything hindering our walk Lord I rebuke it, and pray for You to reveal it to me. Lord, help me, be a part, of the plan, to help, set captives free. Show me, the moves I need to make, before the time, comes. I pray confusion, over the enemies camp. Lord make their armies, conflict with, one another. I please the blood of Jesus over this prayer, and everyone, reading these words. Father help us all see, what we need to see, in the spirit, to save our lives, and the lives of others. Wake my mind, help me see the Truth, don’t let, my mind be confused. I pray over the minds of those, not reading, I pray that, we can wake them up, enough, to pierce through their hard hearts enough to give them, one more, chance at salvation. I pray that any supernatural forces involved, be confused, and interrupted, when they try, to inflict, more distractions, in the path of anyone. I pray against the attacks, of the enemy, all be foiled. I pray for Your light Lord, to shine on us, lead us away, from these distractions, that our after our time. I pray these words, in the name of Jesus.

I love you and pray over you and hope you are praying too