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The temple

If the temple is the body, and if we can not stop a habit long enough, to cry, out to the Father, without the habit, then we are dragging idols in the temple. When you come to the Father in prayer, or into the holy place it should be from a pure heart, and this is a lesson we should learn from the Bible. Maybe this is truly a representation of us today. There’s so many habits, and I want to let you know that there is hope. With this year I pray for guidance and thanksgiving for making it this far. I pray a shield around everyone reading, that lives for the Father.

Encourage others to leave habits at the door when approaching the Father in prayer. No one is perfect except the One that we share.

Father cover our minds from manipulation and corruption and guide everyone that seeks You. Thank you Father, for the things, I already know you provided, before I even asked. I pray distractions are so obvious, they no longer have any authority, in my life, or over my mind. I rebuke all of them in Jesus name. Help me remove the idols that have in anyway slipped, into my temple, into my life, whether it be pride, lust, or anything not of the Father. I pray for supernatural blessings, wisdom, and knowledge, to all that need it. Prepare me, prepare them and everyone struggling.

Key takeaway if we are the temple and it upset Jesus so much that idols and buying and selling were brought in then shouldn’t we come in the temple pure from habits.

This is why pray should be before phone and or any other habit. Love you all prayers are always appreciated

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Bear 🐻

The momma bear jumped up but I missed it to protect her baby, my daughter got scared and rolled the window up or I would have had a great shot

The closest I’ve ever been to a black bear cub and mother and they were, more afraid of us, than we were of them. Go in this time of the year and keep focused on the most important thing and that’s keeping your relationship and heart right with the Father. Tomorrow is never promised for anyone, one thing I’ve learned in life is to do my best to always stay humble. I’ve also learned to stay focused on several goals, instead of idols if I become too addicted I have to quit and make the Father more important once again. I fight addictions just like most but until we learn to fight them all, this includes any addiction not just drugs. People can be addicted to anything they put more energy into instead of the Father. I’m not here to point fingers cause I still fight against eating and overeating certain foods with chemicals, and if you don’t believe that’s some kind of drugs that are added to make us more addicted or sick or both. I think that we all struggle with this because it involves the cross we all carry that is our flesh.

This is where the little one got scared and hugged the tree

The flesh is involved when someone is addicted to something, and they feel emotional when the thing is taken away. Pray for your family to overcome these addictions, and I will pray for you, will you pray for me? I’ve felt this way about sugar before, just as much, if not more than for a cigarette, it was because I used sugar as a crutch instead of Christ all the way through. I did fast the second two days of quitting but gave in to sugar. I can proudly say that was months ago so I’ve been cigarette free since the end of august. The Lord helped majorly, but often time like me we lean on other habits that can cause damage to our health, spiritually, physically, and mentally. Keep fighting, the devil will come at you with small addictions, to try and drag you back down, the same road. You can do this, and so can I. I plead the blood of Jesus over everyone reading these words.

This is another beautiful bear I ran across driving in the mountains
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We are fighting a common enemy

The main enemy, we fight is unseen. The one enemy you fight against you can see, stares at you in the mirror. The flesh is the reason, for most of our evil desires, but the battle starts before that point. The battle starts the instant, the seed of sin is planted, in the mind. This is why I believe social media, is where these seeds are entering, the minds, of Gods children. The enemy paces around like a lion seeking, those he may devour. It takes commitment, to stalk a enemy, which leads me to one question. What are we doing, to protect, our family, friends, and people we love.

I keep coming to the same crossroads in life, if I’m not focusing on His words and His truths I’m getting distracted, and discouraged. I believe this is the day, the Lord has made, He is calling us to prayer. The world is being divided, in any, and every way possible. Jesus is calling His church to wake up and pray, instead of social media. He said go tell the world, not sit and tell the world. I’m challenging you as I challenge my own life. If people do not wake up, they will keep fighting with each other, and fail to realize the enemy, is the flesh, and the spiritual world around us. The enemy is the programming someone allows, in their house. The moment people start realizing, the true enemy is behind the screen of the television, cellphone, computer, song, movie, tablet, iPhone, iPad, and etc… The enemy is the elite group of people that are busy monopolizing the world. The enemy is not your brother, or sister in Christ.

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The powers that be don’t care about your health or safety

The most important thing, to realize, is the powers that be are not, the powers of, the Father. The devil paces back and forth like a lion seeking the ones he might be able to devour. This should be a great place, for some of us, to begin our walk, with the Lord. If the government, adds thousands of chemicals, to cigarettes, which they do, to keep people addicted. These chemicals are used to keep people addicted, through science. The chemicals, are poisonous, and make the user think they smell good, taste good, and is what they need. The truth is, they stink, and they are slowly destroying themselves, and the lives of those that they may influence. I want everyone to think on that for a minute. If the government does all this, to cigarettes and food, why would they care about the safety, of our lives. The government does not care, these shots they are trying to force on everyone, is another way to strip more rights away. Wake up, do some research, there’s a reason, they want to force it on everyone. There’s a reason the richest people buy all the farms. If you think about it we are in a huge monopoly game, and the good side is losing. It’s time, to decide, to fight, against the evil, of this world. Our fight is spiritual, and we fight daily against our own flesh, first of all. Then the fight is against powers, principalities, and darkness that rule, over the world. They do not even try, to hide, the plans, they have, to kill, most of the world’s population. Has anyone ever heard of the Georgia guide-stones. It suggest on the guide stones that they should keep the population under 500 million. This would show they are planning for just about 7/8 of the worlds population to die. Does anyone still believe they are concerned about your health?