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The Plan

In order to move forward, someone has to start over daily. To start over daily, one must prepare, for spiritual war. The smarted thing to do first, pray for safety, for you, family, and anyone, in the world, that might need covering. It’s time to wake up, and realize that unless we are prepared to engage in spiritual battles daily. The enemy will find a way to infiltrate, that is what he does. The next thing someone needs, to do, in their everyday, morning devotion is crucify their flesh, by asking Jesus to guide their day and take over. Then someone always needs to renew their mind. The word says that we have the mind of Christ, this is why we want Him in charge. This is a daily goal of mine, although, it’s not as easy as it sounds, for me. When you get saved, He saves you, and you agree to live for Him. Some believe that once someone is saved they are always saved. If that person has grieved the spirit of God, it leaves until we repent. Think about that a second It grieves Him because it hurts Him. This should be enough to stop someone, if they stop and consider the sacrifice made for us. I feel as though, we are in breech of contract, because agreeing to live for Him, means doing what, his Word says. I would hate to have hurt someone that has done so much for me, and not have talked to Him about it. We are never promised tomorrow, and it is time that His people realize, there are false teachers, just like the word says there will be. Think about it this way, if the pastor tells the whole congregation to repent, or they are going to hell, they are less likely to donate. Here is a verse to back it up Matthew 7:21 not everyone who calls me their Lord, will get in to the kingdom of heaven. Only the ones who obey my Father in heaven will get in.

Romans 12:1. Dear friends,God is good so I beg you to offer your bodies to Him as a living sacrifice, pure and pleasing. That’s the most sensible way to serve God. 2.Dont be like the people of the world, but let God change the way you think. Then you will know how to do everything that is good and pleasing to Him.

The next step is Gods armor, I believe it is very important for each person to realize, without it, there may be battles just up the road, and if you don’t suit up, you may be defenseless, against surprise attacks. Don’t be surprised, be prepared and the enemy will scatter.

This is why bad habits are the first thing someone should focus on beating. If someone wants to please the Lord, and not hurt Him. I am more focused, on the goal than I have ever been. I pray that every person reading, has made these decisions too.

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Stay prayed up

Every day, I feel a little bit closer, and it seems as though the puzzle is becoming more clear. The road up ahead is unclear, but if you have the Father, with you, you will be safe. This life is just temporary, and the only ones that should worry, are those that are not, making an attempt to change. It’s important to renew the mind daily, sometimes I need to do this a few times, in one day. Some my find it necessary to rebuke their own flesh. If there is a temptation, and you feel like your about to cave say, No! I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. I am not moved by my emotions anymore. The old man is gone and all things have become new. The best time to practice this is first thing when someone wakes up, and when the seeds are being planted in ones mind. When we are the Lords servants it is important to realize those thoughts are not our own, because His word says we have the mind of Christ.

The enemy is on a war path, because he knows his time is short. If someone is not praying everyday it leaves, themselves, and everyone that they love potentially vulnerable. There’s usually several people in a family that are not saved, and this is something that someone can take to the Lord, in prayer. Push through the darkness of this world, and find other likeminded Christians that will pray with you if necessary. I will always be here for prayer, my email

I love you all and have to get back to prayer at this time myself.

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Who will follow Jesus

It’s always important to realize that following Jesus is a priority, if someone, wants, to get, to heaven. What does it truly mean, to follow, Jesus? Some believe it means, to follow, in His footsteps, through the ministering, to others, and followings, His commands. Following Jesus, means denying the flesh, every single day and asking Jesus, to take, the wheel, and drive. Its really easy, to say, someone’s wants, to follow, Jesus. The question someone should really ask themselves is, am I holding on to anything, to prevent me, from being the child of God, He wants me, to be

In the garden, when Jesus was praying the disciples were sleeping. This is a perfect example of most, of the church today, and how they are hypnotized, or under some sort of spell. Jesus is calling, to the church and anyone that will listen. The sad reality is, some of them, are so self absolved, that they aren’t even paying attention, to the signs, around them. It is my suggestion, that someone should always try to make sure that they are not just focused on themselves.

Following Jesus, is about being a servant, of the most, high God. It’s about putting others first, and letting go m, of other worldly things. There was a reason, Jesus told the disciples, to drop, everything, and follow Him. When Jesus talked to the rich young ruler, Jesus asked him to give it all away, and follow Him. The rich young ruler was sad, but the Lord didn’t want him, unless he was all in. This is another perfect example of today. It’s thousands of years later, but the message is still the same. You see, if you are still hanging, on to things then your not following Jesus, you are actually following things. There is a verse that says, seek ye first the kingdom of God. I think this is the reason, that habits are so bad, the more things we get attached to or, The more things we let, attach to us. The more of a fight, there will be, to let, them go. Everything, on this earth, one day is-going to burn, it is highly up to each individual person, if they are going to burn too, or not. Do not store up your treasures on earth, but in heaven.

Following Jesus, is about taking on His character, the fruits of the Spirit. Why is it Important to drop everything, because holding on to things, means to you that things are more important. The rich young ruler was sad, but his money, and the little bit of power he had, was to much for him to let go of. There’s a very good reason, they make things so addicting. God wants a pure people, and if someone is attached, to things, before God, what kind of example, would they be, to the rest of the world. I believe this week, God is calling people, to step, out of their comfort zone, and give up the habits that, may be pulling them away. This world, is going crazy around us, but He is calling to you, right now, drop everything and follow.

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Time management

Sometimes it never feels like, there is enough time, in the day, to get, everything done. it sometimes even seems that you turn around and the day or time has evaporated. Where did it go? I think the reason people are so consumed, in habits is because, we live in the last days. If you don’t believe that, read the Bible. When Jesus described the, end of days. You would think He was here now, watching us. What does this have, to do, with, time management. You are your own manager, and it is up to you, if you want to make it, to the finish line. There’s only one person, that can truly manage their own time, and that person is you.

Why is this so important? There are so many distractions in life, and the only way to make sure, to get, everything done, is you guessed it, time management. So in order to avoid distractions, it’s important to set goals. Setting goals should be a part of the day, just like giving time, to the Father. Someone can easily set goals and meet them by, making a list. This is rewarding itself especially when you are able to cross or check all your goals off as done.

I feel, that the most rewarding thing, to do, is schedule your day, but put the Father at the top of the list, and stick to the schedule. This has, and will always lead to a great day. It is rewarding, at the same time, because when you love the Lord you want, to spend, time with Him. Life is always going to have distractions and obstacles, but having a list ready, will ensure that, at least the distractions won’t make you forget. On top of that when someone gives their time to the Father, He will show them ways, to save time, money, and energy.

Priorities are things that have to be done, no matter what and distractions are things that interrupt those priorities. I feel that sometimes it is necessary to change our priorities, because sometimes as we grow as a person, they will change. Putting the Lord at the top of your priority list, shows Him, your at least making the effort, to put, Him first. The truth is every person, may have different lists, of things that need to be done, but time never changes. We were all given the same 24 hours, in a day.

Distractions, disruptions, and obstacles are things, that will try and take away from your time. Have you ever had a moment, when you had everything going perfectly, until the phone rang? The next thing you know your hanging up the phone, and your list that you thought was almost done, has now grown, and there’s things that need to be added now too. One strategy I suggest is putting the phone down, maybe if you have someone that’s supposed to call you can leave it on. The most damaging thing to do to your day is starting it with social networks. It’s ok to use as a tool, but I do not believe, most people use it in that way. Turn off the television, or turn on a spiritual teaching, and put it on low. If this is distracting to you, ignore it, but it works for me. What also works for me, is getting things done when others are sleeping. My best prayer time, devotions, and studying have always come to me when others are sleeping. This may take a sacrifice, because someone will either have to wake up earlier, than everyone else, or to stay up a little later.

Father, I pray for forgiveness, for making things, more important, and not giving You more time, at the beginning, of my day. Help me, to practice, what I’m writing. Father I will always need You, to direct, my steps, and guide me, so that I am not waisting the precious time I do have left. Guide me when I make my goals, and show me how to make more out of them. I pray that if someone, is not willing to receive You, that they be weeded out of my life. I pray if they are willing for You to guide me, and help me to do what You would do. In Jesus name I come against obstacles, distractions, and disruptions, that are trying to disrupt anyone reading these words. Lord reveal to everyone reading, if they have any distracting influences, in their life sent, to steal, their time. I praise you for helping everyone, to make even better use of their time than before, in Jesus’ Name we pray. 💛