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When waking up, it is important to cease the day. I think this means, to take control of our day, through meditation, and prayer. If we do not take control of our day, then I feel like, the world will. It is really important, not to grab the phone, first thing in the morning. Make a habit, of spending time with the Lord first, this is a challenge for myself, as well.

If I do not have prayer time, before I get on, my phone, chances are, I’m not writing, encouraging words, but getting sucked into worldly things. We are bombarded with worldly things, music, media, and television. I believe some of these things are idols to some people. If I am wrong answer me this how come, the inside pieces to new computers, game systems and televisions, replicate of Gods temple, in the Bible. The enemy loves to pervert the, things of God. So the question today is simple. When, there is not much free time, in the day, what are we seeking after?

I have an overnight job at the moment, and this week, I struggled, with these thoughts, because I didn’t have a lot of free time, I spent my lunchtime writing. On a few shifts, but if I did not start my day in prayer beforehand, my mind got too preoccupied to finish. Let’s start learning to pray for other Christians to be vigilant. Look at how the world loves to tear each other down. Are you uplifting someone today? Reach in your heart and give someone a genuine, compliment. Uplift, someone’s spirit. Be a positive force, into someone else’s life, instead of saying something negative.

I literally had these thoughts pop in my head several times this week. I only get an hour lunch, do I really need to write today? The answer should always be, Yes. Me writing is a form of spending time, in prayer with the Father. If I am not spending time with the Father, I’m getting sucked into worldly things. Sometimes, I feel drained and need to hear a Word, so I like to listen to Brother Werks on YouTube. His channel is called the revelations of Jesus Christ. He always seems to convict me, and I feel that is what a pastor is called to do. If your pastor, is not putting conviction, in your heart, I don’t feel like he is challenging you. If my writing is not convicting me, or challenging me, I feel like I need to get back in prayer. I can not give in to laziness, or any negativity. It’s a daily battle, stay prepared, and pray for others to be prepared.

I pray for everyone reading to be blessed. We pray for forgiveness for getting or being distracted. Give us wisdom to limit the distractions Lord so We can keep our mind on you. I pray over everyone’s day, for their protection, and show them the things, you long to show them Lord. Lord show us how to be prepared, for every, attack from the enemy, before he even shows up. We pray for You, to teach, and lead us, so that our time be used, in miraculous ways. Lord make us into what you want us to be, and help us reach the, right people. We pray for everyone’s soul, that might not be saved, and still has a chance Lord wake them and help us reach them, before the enemy does. We pray this in Jesus’ mighty name. I love everyone. Receive your blessing

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Switching thought patterns

@jamesdcarters @jamesdcarters This is something I’m dealing with myself, so please do not think it’s about a person. Sometimes, especially at a job, thoughts rise up in your brain. It’s only natural, to get upset at circumstances, it’s what someone does in that moment that can either bring them the blessing or the curse. The Bible says the be angry but sin not, that doesn’t say stay angry, it’s when someone stays angry, when they miss the opportunity to be a light. The way to do this is to pray, and praise the father for changing things even when they look the darkest. It’s not an easy task, but most of the time the blessing is right around the corner. I believe this is the true meaning of walking by faith.

Think about it this way, when we start complaining, any demon, sent to steal your blessing, has more ground because of the energy coming off of you. The people around you could also hear it, then the enemy knows where to press your buttons. There is a supernatural power in praise, and demons scatter, when they hear it. It all starts in the mind, don’t let the enemy know, and don’t let the anger grow. The Father knows, our thoughts and desires, and when we are focusing on the problems, we are focusing on the wrong energy. I think this is why Paul wrote about renewing of the mind, because it all starts with the mind. The Word also says we have the mind of Christ so if, someone gives in to their desires, or flesh, then the enemy comes back.

Stay focused on Jesus, and His character, and He will guide your path. StayIng focused on the problems and character of the Devil and he won’t even play fair. He is waiting like a lion to see who he can devour. Anytime, there is a problem, and you catch yourself complaining, stop renew the mind, and praise Jesus. He will comfort you, but He can’t when we are focused on the enemy. Focus on the solution, not the problem.