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Don’t feed the monster

I What, monster? What am I talking about? This is a metaphor I use to describe the flesh, or our evil desires. I am not in no way calling anyone a monster, I’m calling bad habits mosters. Everytime, someone entertains, or gives in to the negative thoughts, they are feeding the monster. When someone uses, and abuses drugs they are feeding the monster. The more we feed the monster, the more the monster demands and craves. I fed the monster cigarette after cigarette for 20 years, until one day last year I had had enough, and that’s when I just quit. I was fed up with spending money, time, and energy, on cigarettes. We are all in our own race, and some may have an easier time quitting even after 20 years. The important thing is to keep fighting for yourself. Fight for the freedom of not having to use, everyday. Try quitting one bad habit at a time, because it can be very overwhelming, to try and quit to many things at once. I quit drinking soda years before, I even knew I was going to do this, because I had the fear of getting another kidney stone. I like to think of the monster as a gator. It is said to be unwise to feed a gator, because it will lose it’s fear of humans and attack. This is the same thing bad habbits do. They will push further than someone, wants to go. They will keep someone, longer than they want to stay. Then bad habbits, cost more than anyone wants to pay.

Here at breaking bad habits there is no judgement. I of all people understand and I love each of you. I don’t love bad habits, but everyone has habits. It is important to always be examining oneself, and to be positive, find the bad habits and to simply change from bad habits to good habits. The monster is going to fight to keep it’s claws in someone’s life, but determination, motivation, and education, will help anyone succeed. Someone should Determine they want to live a healthier life. This should help to motivate them to want to stop feeding the monster. It’s important for each person to educate themselves, because it helps quit bad habits when they research why it’s bad theirself. When someone else tells a person why cigarettes are bad it seems like a nag, but when someone reads for themself it hits a little deeper. In my case my fathers death was partially from all the years he smoked cigarettes. The best reason to quit feeding the monster is, because it’s better to live someone’s own life without being a prisoner to a bad habit.

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Who will follow Jesus

It’s always important to realize that following Jesus is a priority, if someone, wants, to get, to heaven. What does it truly mean, to follow, Jesus? Some believe it means, to follow, in His footsteps, through the ministering, to others, and followings, His commands. Following Jesus, means denying the flesh, every single day and asking Jesus, to take, the wheel, and drive. Its really easy, to say, someone’s wants, to follow, Jesus. The question someone should really ask themselves is, am I holding on to anything, to prevent me, from being the child of God, He wants me, to be

In the garden, when Jesus was praying the disciples were sleeping. This is a perfect example of most, of the church today, and how they are hypnotized, or under some sort of spell. Jesus is calling, to the church and anyone that will listen. The sad reality is, some of them, are so self absolved, that they aren’t even paying attention, to the signs, around them. It is my suggestion, that someone should always try to make sure that they are not just focused on themselves.

Following Jesus, is about being a servant, of the most, high God. It’s about putting others first, and letting go m, of other worldly things. There was a reason, Jesus told the disciples, to drop, everything, and follow Him. When Jesus talked to the rich young ruler, Jesus asked him to give it all away, and follow Him. The rich young ruler was sad, but the Lord didn’t want him, unless he was all in. This is another perfect example of today. It’s thousands of years later, but the message is still the same. You see, if you are still hanging, on to things then your not following Jesus, you are actually following things. There is a verse that says, seek ye first the kingdom of God. I think this is the reason, that habits are so bad, the more things we get attached to or, The more things we let, attach to us. The more of a fight, there will be, to let, them go. Everything, on this earth, one day is-going to burn, it is highly up to each individual person, if they are going to burn too, or not. Do not store up your treasures on earth, but in heaven.

Following Jesus, is about taking on His character, the fruits of the Spirit. Why is it Important to drop everything, because holding on to things, means to you that things are more important. The rich young ruler was sad, but his money, and the little bit of power he had, was to much for him to let go of. There’s a very good reason, they make things so addicting. God wants a pure people, and if someone is attached, to things, before God, what kind of example, would they be, to the rest of the world. I believe this week, God is calling people, to step, out of their comfort zone, and give up the habits that, may be pulling them away. This world, is going crazy around us, but He is calling to you, right now, drop everything and follow.

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Wake up with God not The phone, television, iPad tablet spend time with God

Why is it so hard to realize that our fight is not with each other? We are fighting a spiritual battle it starts with renewing the mind daily, and having a relationship with Jesus. This is a kind of relationship you have always wanted, if you stay away from sin, then our relationship is better. I believe praise and worship is also a way to have a personal relationship with the Lord. The Wirld is doing everything they can to divide people. There are people wearing masks and of course if you do not comply the media tells you to shun those that don’t. What about all of the racial groups there are, instead if segregating ourselves over our differences it is better to unite. It says in the word where to or more are gathered He is in the imagine if we could actually get some prayer warriors praying again? There are other ways they divide us, and a lot of it comes straight from the devil. If anyone has ever heard the phrase history repeats itself they’d be correct. Just look into the steps Hitler took leading all the way into World War Two or the holocaust.

An we separate ourselves from our habits long enough to care for one another or keep each other in prayer. In the name of Jesus I pray for help for everyone struggling with any habit even if it’s small. If you care about the little sparrow Lord I know you care about helping us be free from every habit. I pray that everyone reading has a very productive day coming up and help us all find the gifts you gave us teach us how to use them supernaturally. In Jesus* name Give n vivid dreams that will not leave my mind help me see your plans. Lord open my eyes and help me be bold and not ashamed. Give me the words others and myself need to hear or read. Pour your spirit out on all who are willing and soften the hard hearts so they may have another chance. Help us be a light to the rest of the world and guide us to you.

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A prayer for a Ryans family

Lord I don’t know what’s going on, but You do. I pray for peace, first of all l, I pray for you to shower his family, with peace. Fill their hearts, with your love, and bless them. I come against any attack, of the enemy, right now, in the name of Jesus, I rebuke you, and command you to go. Lord, I pray for angels, to surround, Ryans family, all day. I pray that any demons, sent against his family, stumble, and I pray confusion, over their work. I pray that everything goes smoothly, for all the family, and they can feel the blessings, of God, pour down on them, all day. I pray that over everyone, in Gods kingdom. I pray for wisdom, and understanding. I pray for anything, that may be hindering them, I rebuke it, and pray you be shown to them, so they can deal with you . Lord I plead the blood of Jesus over everyone, that needs it, in Jesus name I pray.