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don’t give up

Be encouraged and know that I pray for my readers. I would love to see more prayer request, because I know that prayer works. I’m not sure if something is maybe set up wrong because I rarely see anyone asking for prayer. Pray for me, and always put the full armor of God on

I feel as though we should be networking, but I’m going to Be honest I have a very small circle. I want to do that if I have to download another app I will so we can start group discussions. I love you guys and want you to know that there’s someone here o. Your corner if your trying to live right. Y’all write me this week

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I recently had a situation where I made a mistake at work. I could prove I made the mistake, and it was going to cost me a few hundred dollars, it was the money I’d been working for all week.

Well I talked to people over and over for three days, on the phone, with customer service, and I kept getting the run around. Today it seemed hopeless, I started feeling emotional about it cause we need the money. instead of lashing out I kept thanking the Lord, even though everything inside of me wanted to yell at the people on the other line, I stayed calm for the most part.

No one seemed to want to help and every time I thought someone on the phone was trying to help I’d get another email saying my request was declined. If anyone knows me, truly knows me you would know this is a big deal. I wrote of this the other day Paul and Silas praising The Lord in chains. The chains are falling off I don’t know who did it cause every time I talked to a new person I’d get a new declined email.

When we praise The Lord, when we are being persecuted or going through a trial chains fall off. When we praise the Lord in these times breakthrough happens. Please be encouraged. I didn’t do it on my own every time I felt my emotions getting high I had to start praying again. The truth is if I had let myself get angry I’m. It sure if anyone would have helped. It may have even been an angel that did, because I never did find out how it got sent. The request I sent were all denied by the world. The Lord sees your hurt, He cares about your pains, and worries. I think the moral is keep giving it to Him, do your part and He will take care of it all.

I just want to take a minutes and thank Him in front of everyone that cares to read about how good He is He will always take care of his own when they keep looking to Him and stop complaining. Praise Him because He is good.

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Faith In The Storm


Things in life, don’t always go the way it was planned. Do not be discouraged, because the Father watches over His children. We do not need to stress over the things we can not control because He is in control. I believe that many forget, to give, their will over to His.

Many put their faith in other people, and things without even realizing it. The hardest lesson I ever learned in life, was that we are not promised tomorrow. I was guilty of putting my faith in my father. I knew he wasn’t perfect but I depended on him, and when he passed, I realized that. I realized that the Lord is here for us but, most of us get distracted, and busy with life and put faith in others and things instead.

I pray for each person reading to have a revelation in their heart if they are putting faith in the wrong things. I pray each person reading I pray for guidance I pray for chains, to be, lifted off our minds so we can see through the lies, of the enemy.

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me in prayer

Father I pray that every person reading is blessed. I pray that each one has a revelation of what they may need to do to prepare. The world is changing fast and those trying to get their life in order are searching for help. Lord began to minister to the spirits of those that are struggling. I pray for wisdom when conversing with those who are not living Your will Lord. I pray that you give the words, in replace of what the flesh wants us to say. Help us to see through the lies, of the enemy. Forgive us for making life about other things when it’s always been about You Lord.

Put someone in the path of those not living for you that still have a chance and give them the wisdom to do and say the right things so they are not running them from You. Protect those that aren’t living for you yet Lord and help them find the person they need to speak life into their soul.

I pray confusion over the enemies camp right now in Jesus name. I pray their plans fail. I pray the spirits involved get confused, lost, and they are not able to complete their tasks. I pray that people wake up before it’s to late and come against the devious plans against our children. Thank you for everything you’ve done and even the things you haven’t done yet. In Jesus name