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Wake up with God not The phone, television, iPad tablet spend time with God

Why is it so hard to realize that our fight is not with each other? We are fighting a spiritual battle it starts with renewing the mind daily, and having a relationship with Jesus. This is a kind of relationship you have always wanted, if you stay away from sin, then our relationship is better. I believe praise and worship is also a way to have a personal relationship with the Lord. The Wirld is doing everything they can to divide people. There are people wearing masks and of course if you do not comply the media tells you to shun those that don’t. What about all of the racial groups there are, instead if segregating ourselves over our differences it is better to unite. It says in the word where to or more are gathered He is in the imagine if we could actually get some prayer warriors praying again? There are other ways they divide us, and a lot of it comes straight from the devil. If anyone has ever heard the phrase history repeats itself they’d be correct. Just look into the steps Hitler took leading all the way into World War Two or the holocaust.

An we separate ourselves from our habits long enough to care for one another or keep each other in prayer. In the name of Jesus I pray for help for everyone struggling with any habit even if it’s small. If you care about the little sparrow Lord I know you care about helping us be free from every habit. I pray that everyone reading has a very productive day coming up and help us all find the gifts you gave us teach us how to use them supernaturally. In Jesus* name Give n vivid dreams that will not leave my mind help me see your plans. Lord open my eyes and help me be bold and not ashamed. Give me the words others and myself need to hear or read. Pour your spirit out on all who are willing and soften the hard hearts so they may have another chance. Help us be a light to the rest of the world and guide us to you.

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A prayer for a Ryans family

Lord I don’t know what’s going on, but You do. I pray for peace, first of all l, I pray for you to shower his family, with peace. Fill their hearts, with your love, and bless them. I come against any attack, of the enemy, right now, in the name of Jesus, I rebuke you, and command you to go. Lord, I pray for angels, to surround, Ryans family, all day. I pray that any demons, sent against his family, stumble, and I pray confusion, over their work. I pray that everything goes smoothly, for all the family, and they can feel the blessings, of God, pour down on them, all day. I pray that over everyone, in Gods kingdom. I pray for wisdom, and understanding. I pray for anything, that may be hindering them, I rebuke it, and pray you be shown to them, so they can deal with you . Lord I plead the blood of Jesus over everyone, that needs it, in Jesus name I pray.

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When waking up, it is important to cease the day. I think this means, to take control of our day, through meditation, and prayer. If we do not take control of our day, then I feel like, the world will. It is really important, not to grab the phone, first thing in the morning. Make a habit, of spending time with the Lord first, this is a challenge for myself, as well.

If I do not have prayer time, before I get on, my phone, chances are, I’m not writing, encouraging words, but getting sucked into worldly things. We are bombarded with worldly things, music, media, and television. I believe some of these things are idols to some people. If I am wrong answer me this how come, the inside pieces to new computers, game systems and televisions, replicate of Gods temple, in the Bible. The enemy loves to pervert the, things of God. So the question today is simple. When, there is not much free time, in the day, what are we seeking after?

I have an overnight job at the moment, and this week, I struggled, with these thoughts, because I didn’t have a lot of free time, I spent my lunchtime writing. On a few shifts, but if I did not start my day in prayer beforehand, my mind got too preoccupied to finish. Let’s start learning to pray for other Christians to be vigilant. Look at how the world loves to tear each other down. Are you uplifting someone today? Reach in your heart and give someone a genuine, compliment. Uplift, someone’s spirit. Be a positive force, into someone else’s life, instead of saying something negative.

I literally had these thoughts pop in my head several times this week. I only get an hour lunch, do I really need to write today? The answer should always be, Yes. Me writing is a form of spending time, in prayer with the Father. If I am not spending time with the Father, I’m getting sucked into worldly things. Sometimes, I feel drained and need to hear a Word, so I like to listen to Brother Werks on YouTube. His channel is called the revelations of Jesus Christ. He always seems to convict me, and I feel that is what a pastor is called to do. If your pastor, is not putting conviction, in your heart, I don’t feel like he is challenging you. If my writing is not convicting me, or challenging me, I feel like I need to get back in prayer. I can not give in to laziness, or any negativity. It’s a daily battle, stay prepared, and pray for others to be prepared.

I pray for everyone reading to be blessed. We pray for forgiveness for getting or being distracted. Give us wisdom to limit the distractions Lord so We can keep our mind on you. I pray over everyone’s day, for their protection, and show them the things, you long to show them Lord. Lord show us how to be prepared, for every, attack from the enemy, before he even shows up. We pray for You, to teach, and lead us, so that our time be used, in miraculous ways. Lord make us into what you want us to be, and help us reach the, right people. We pray for everyone’s soul, that might not be saved, and still has a chance Lord wake them and help us reach them, before the enemy does. We pray this in Jesus’ mighty name. I love everyone. Receive your blessing

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Getting the mind out of the gutter

Sometimes being positive takes perseverance, because it is not as easy to stay positive when things go wrong. Waking up late, and having extra drama to deal with, as soon as one wakes up, can attribute to this. Its important to wake up and spend the first few moments of the day in preparation. Quiet time, with meditation, prayer and exercise are some of the best things, to start the day, because it can prepare someone, for all the negative things, that are going to happen, throughout the day. Prayer, and meditation prepare someone, on a spiritual level, and exercise will prepare someone physically. The exercise will do numerous other things that help someone get through their day.

Part of getting someone’s mind out of the gutter requires that person to be able to walk away from toxic influencers. Negative Ifluencers can be anyone, or anything that affects someone’s mind, and can even be the person being affected, if said person has a bad attitude. Attitude can be difficult to control so it’s important to safeguard ones attitude thoroughly all through the day especially when things go wrong. This helps with guarding our own attitude but what helps other influencers not get to me. I have put some stategies together to help get rid of negative influencers. The first thing is guard what you let in your minds eye. To do this honestly I find myself singing to myself over the radio when others have it on. I am also more careful about who I have conversations with. Have you ever been having a awesome day until you talk to that one person? That conversation is the one to avoid, if it can be, I’m not telling anyone to blow off work. it’s all about gaurding our lives, to keep our minds, in check. In this world, full of darkness, let me ask this, if you are not guarding yours and your kids minds from, the enemy, who is? The sad thing is this is the same, in most families, no-one-is, The reasons their are so many minds in the gutter, because that’s where the enemy, is leading them. One way to stop negative influencers, is to identify who, and what they are. I can honestly say, that if someone isn’t Leary of television, by now, then they may not see what is right in front of their face. I think these verses speak volumes more than I can at the moment.

King James Bible

(For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Matthew 6:32-33

If we would learn to put Him first He will provide for us. If we learn to put Him first the desires of the world all fade away. God will provide for you if you put Him first. This will probably make your desires change. The Lord will show you the way and then all your desires become His desires because He is on the throne of your heart when He is first.

I try and say this in every article this isn’t to bash anyone over the head. I write and learn as I go most of the time. The last thing I was led to say, until later is Jesus wants his bride to come home. I love you all and wish you the best day ever.