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I’m learning too

To put oneself in their dream job can they imagine doing that job. TO Focus their attention on having what they want, and don’t have, and then it will come to pass. Its smarter not to think about the negative, instead of the result that is desired, to be the outcome. rewire the brain reteach

One of the hardest lesson anyone will ever have to learn is they don’t know it all there is always more to learn. I am the most guilty up until recently I learned that there is always room to learn and grow and what someone puts their time to matters, so they should just focus on the positive side no matter what.

forgive others because not doing so is a trap and is like stepping on glass and expecting someone else’s feet to bleed. Never assume everything is what it is question everything until you feel the truth inside. garbage in garbage out the longer someone holds the unforgiveness the further back they are set in their quest in life. the prize is just around the corner stay positive quick to forgive and run this race like you mean it. I am James Carter and I am woke