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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me in prayer

Father I pray that every person reading is blessed. I pray that each one has a revelation of what they may need to do to prepare. The world is changing fast and those trying to get their life in order are searching for help. Lord began to minister to the spirits of those that are struggling. I pray for wisdom when conversing with those who are not living Your will Lord. I pray that you give the words, in replace of what the flesh wants us to say. Help us to see through the lies, of the enemy. Forgive us for making life about other things when it’s always been about You Lord.

Put someone in the path of those not living for you that still have a chance and give them the wisdom to do and say the right things so they are not running them from You. Protect those that aren’t living for you yet Lord and help them find the person they need to speak life into their soul.

I pray confusion over the enemies camp right now in Jesus name. I pray their plans fail. I pray the spirits involved get confused, lost, and they are not able to complete their tasks. I pray that people wake up before it’s to late and come against the devious plans against our children. Thank you for everything you’ve done and even the things you haven’t done yet. In Jesus name

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Be Strong

Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might Ephesians 6:10 so man temptations lurk around every corner. Addictions are everywhere, and some are judging others when they have many addictions theirselves. I pray each person reading has extra strength and wisdom to stay away from temptation this weekend. Holidays are the easiest days to fall into old habits, but I believe that everyone reading will be strong and resist in Jesus’ name.

I encourage you to be strong, and resist against joining in, when others are making fun of someone less fortunate at work, or school. I encourage you to put any habit down no matter if it has control over you, or not. What would it hurt to instead spend time with the Heavenly Father for one weekend instead. if it’s not that big of addiction and you are truly in control over it then you can resist.

Pray for each other as we all embark on this weekend together. Never underestimate the power of the Lord, and what He will do if you ask, believe, and keep the faith over the situation instead of complaining about it. Believe your prayers are answered, put the armor of the Lord on, stay in prayer, and let’s take down the enemies plan. You can do it. Stay strong.

One last thing, if you find that the habit was to sting and you could not resist do not fear there is hope. The Lord is more powerful than any other power. Call out to Him and ask for prayer again my email is love you and pray for you will you pray for me too?

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Take away my pride

The Bible says pride comes before a fall. I sometimes catch myself praying for direction and then when my prayers are answered I don’t give the Father the praise He deserves. Some may think it wasn’t God I did that on my own, and my question to them would be, He gave His very life after living in paradise and came to the earth with all the pain, sickness, hurt, and pain. Why is it so hard for His children to be grateful.

How can we possibly not thank Him if we truly believe. We should thank Him even when things aren’t going our way. The sad truth is most Christians don’t even when things are going great. One of my favorite Bible stories is when Paul and Silas were in prison they praised the Lord and the chains broke.

I don’t want to be the one to miss my blessing because I was complaining. I have been going through it this week, and this word was for me too. I wasn’t going to post about it but all day I felt like the Lord wanted me to say it. I love you all and am not bashing anyone just encouraging you if you believe in Him praise Him for the things your believing Ge will do before He does it.

The book of James compares the mouth and tongue as the rudder of the ship it controls where each person life is headed. So complain if you want too but I would not recommend it.

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The Stormy Life

No matter what happens, know that the loving Father, is here if you ask. The world keeps getting worse yet, some just do everything they can to get back, to normal. I don’t believe we are called to be normal. The world is changing, and if we keep getting hypnotized by the same habits and rituals, then we are not improving.

In the end the Bible talks about the live in peoples hearts grow cold. The Lord doesn’t wish for any to perish, but we can not continue living as the rest of the world and expect, the Father to stay involved. God is love and for the love in mens hearts to grow cold, I believe this is going to happen to the ones that refuse to change. They will love their own lives, and habits more.

I say this is because it’s what I feel in my spirit, I’ve been guilty. I believe this is why so many still believe Trump is going to come back, because they want to go back, to their lives before. Life can not continue to go the way it was before, because there are forces working against it. Don’t put your faith in Trump, pray for him but take your faith off of him and put it back into Jesus.

The storm of life is approaching, and I pray that someone reading this is helped. The Lord takes care of His own people, and I believe He is calling for many that are still sleeping to wake up. Instead of going back talk to the Lord and He will take you farther.

Be encouraged I pray for you please pray for me also. If anyone needs prayer