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Stay prayed up

Every day, I feel a little bit closer, and it seems as though the puzzle is becoming more clear. The road up ahead is unclear, but if you have the Father, with you, you will be safe. This life is just temporary, and the only ones that should worry, are those that are not, making an attempt to change. It’s important to renew the mind daily, sometimes I need to do this a few times, in one day. Some my find it necessary to rebuke their own flesh. If there is a temptation, and you feel like your about to cave say, No! I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. I am not moved by my emotions anymore. The old man is gone and all things have become new. The best time to practice this is first thing when someone wakes up, and when the seeds are being planted in ones mind. When we are the Lords servants it is important to realize those thoughts are not our own, because His word says we have the mind of Christ.

The enemy is on a war path, because he knows his time is short. If someone is not praying everyday it leaves, themselves, and everyone that they love potentially vulnerable. There’s usually several people in a family that are not saved, and this is something that someone can take to the Lord, in prayer. Push through the darkness of this world, and find other likeminded Christians that will pray with you if necessary. I will always be here for prayer, my email

I love you all and have to get back to prayer at this time myself.

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Praying against bad habits

Father, first that anyone, that would disagree, with this post, not read it. So it goes before more eyes, and wakes more souls Father, I pray that someone, changes their mind, tonight about trusting in a vaccine, instead of You. If we put our faith in You, and continue to change Lord, you will meet us. Deliver everyone reading these words. I rebuke anything coming against their minds or this pray. I plead the blood of Yeshua over everyone of us, and everyone we come into contact with, unless they mean harm to the, body of Christ. I pray against the addictions, and all the ties to them. Break the chain that may be on our minds, our lives. Father break any spells, that any power, principality, rulers of darkness, or person put against any of us. I pray wisdom when it comes to each person dealing with their addictions. Help us all see through each one, and the evil behind it. Lord open our eyes, forgive us for anything, we let in any of our senses, which I believe are gates. Help us close all the gates we let open for any powers, principalities, rules of darkness, or people unaware. I pray you reveal anyone of them coming against us long before they do. I pray against distractions that were sent, from the enemy. Send your rain and wash our souls, help us to want to be clean, help us each and every day. Lord show my fellow addicts, because everyone has an addiction, whether it’s food, drugs, gossip, work, sports, clothes, etc… Lord open our spiritual eyes to see the lies, behind each habit, that might take us, or others to hell. Help us to know, how to deal with it, and how to fight, the spiritual, and physical attacks, that are coming. Give us your joy, as we go through, these dark days, that your word speaks of. Help the saved wake up, Lord guide my prayers, to them. Let the words sink deep into their hearts. Lord show them all that they can beat any bad habit. Give them your strength, when the enemy comes. Show them your power, to strengthen, their faith. I pray for you witches, and warlocks and workers of the adversary. If you haven’t taken the V I pray that you see the true power of Jesus, before it is to late for you. I come against any spells over this page, and over the pages of all my brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray for angels to work on the Fathers will today. I pray that the body of Christ gets ready!!!! In Jesus name I pray this reaches, all the people That will accept it. I thank your for everything you do, and continue to do in me and everyone. Bless their minds after they pray and agree this prayer with me. I pray for everyone that has taken the V, I pray for their health, as long as they are them. I pray if they do perish it not be a painful death, even though😭😭😭 Make us weep the loss, Lord take away everything, that makes you upset, out of our will. Take our desires away, from us, if they hurt you, Father I ask for supernatural visions and miracles to overtake, everyone that agrees with this prayer. Help us remember your armor, and help us first think of You in the morning. In Jesus name clean us Father