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Be Kind

No matter how bad someone else hurts someone else, it doesn’t make it right to hate or be mean. Jesus was asked how many times we should forgive someone, and he said 70 times 7. I think that it doesn’t even mean that number at all. Forgiveness means to forgive and forget. So if we forgive and forget we can not accurately keep a count of how many times we’ve been hurt, because it’s forgotten. God is love, and for that reason it is wrong for us to walk in anything else. We are supposed to be a reflection of our Father so if we aren’t walking in His attributes or character, then we might be serving the wrong Father. Forgive each other, if someone has hurt anyone else, in ways that are difficult, to forgive, we might have to ask the Father, to help, us to let it go and forgive.

God is love so if we walk in anything else we are not walking with Him

If we do not forgive each other, and love each other, how can we expect forgiveness, over our own faults. We all make mistakes, and if we are not expressing, the love of the Father, we are reflecting the wrong character.

It can be difficult, and irritating when someone sits at the green light in traffic to long and cause us to wait a few minutes longer. Practice walking in the character of Christ, instead of getting angry. When someone is Cursing and getting angry can be a reason for some to lose their blessing.

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Just Shut It

I learn this lesson more and more every day. Even Thumper from Bambi knew that if you can’t say something nice not to say anything. The question is why is it so hard to live by this principle? The world bombardes everyone with negativity on a daily basis, and it is up to each individual how to handle this fact. Learning when not to speak, can be detrimental to someone’s career, and life. When I was a manager at zaxbys chicken, a fast food restaurant in Enterprise Alabama, there was an employee that called out all the time. One day I was just coming in for my shift and someone said something to me about that person. I was upset already for some reason or another, and asked “what, did she call out again?” I was not aware that not only, she was behind me, but she had also, volunteered to work a shift someone else had called out for that night. I then upset her so much that she didn’t work. If I had just shut it, the night would have been more of a success.

I have found that it is imperative to listen first, then think about what one wants to say and if it is important enough to say it. It is wise to think to oneself is this statement uplifting or beneficial to the person. Remember, what we talk about brings energy into the world it is up to each person as to what energy they are creating. Speak positive things into existence, and stop bringing negative energy, in your life and into, the life of others. A good way to practice this at home is through affirmations. Speak what one wants instead of what one sees or feels. Think positive and it will help you speak positive. It starts with one thought at a time.

Speak over every situation.

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Just Pray

Things are happening in this world and many are losing the faith. In order to restore our faith it is important to deny our selves by sacrifice. Find something to sacrifice to make time for the Father. I believe when I’m need the quickest way to find a answer or solution is to sacrifice something you enjoy and pray instead.

Don’t act in the character of the enemy start the day in prayer put on the full armor of God, and pray like you mean it. Don’t be selfish in prayer try to include everyone even your enemies. The Lord wants doesn’t want anyone to go to hell, pray even for your enemies except the devil and his minions. Pray against strongholds and pray with each other.

The Lord will bless those that seek Him and only Him. I feel it is important to separate ourselves from the world, because if we are not being a light then we may be destroyed. The story of the 10 virgins is what story I am reminded of as I write these words. The virgins that went to sleep and were not prepared were left. The world is sleeping the way to wake up is the Father spending time with Him. Our daily walk, denying our flesh daily and giving our will to His.

Jesus was also in the garden just before He was betrayed praying. The disciples were sleeping, this reminds me of the church today. Most churches do not speak the truth and preach that once someone is saved they are always saved. I believe that this is not true because it states clearly one can not have two masters. If we are of the world, and not even putting an effort in to deny the flesh then we are choosing the wrong side.

Jesus wants us to wake up and pray. Wake up and realize that the world is changing the end is coming. Jesus is calling for everyone to wake up I pray that everyone reading will tell someone the same

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When someone is lonely they should think of this. How does Jesus feel when He gave everything for us to be free, but still so many of us, choose our own selfish desires. When we do this, we are following the wrong person, because we are warned only to put faith in one person and that is not a man but the son of God. Faith is believing the things we don’t see like it has already happened.

No matter how bad things get, trust in the Father because He will watch over His own. Build your faith by listening to, and reading the Word of God. Whatever we give our time to that is not from Him can be tearing our faith down. The enemy does not have much time left and will bring every, and any temptation to anyone in his way. Stay strong ask for help if you need it pray hard and stay motivated.