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The Stormy Life

No matter what happens, know that the loving Father, is here if you ask. The world keeps getting worse yet, some just do everything they can to get back, to normal. I don’t believe we are called to be normal. The world is changing, and if we keep getting hypnotized by the same habits and rituals, then we are not improving.

In the end the Bible talks about the live in peoples hearts grow cold. The Lord doesn’t wish for any to perish, but we can not continue living as the rest of the world and expect, the Father to stay involved. God is love and for the love in mens hearts to grow cold, I believe this is going to happen to the ones that refuse to change. They will love their own lives, and habits more.

I say this is because it’s what I feel in my spirit, I’ve been guilty. I believe this is why so many still believe Trump is going to come back, because they want to go back, to their lives before. Life can not continue to go the way it was before, because there are forces working against it. Don’t put your faith in Trump, pray for him but take your faith off of him and put it back into Jesus.

The storm of life is approaching, and I pray that someone reading this is helped. The Lord takes care of His own people, and I believe He is calling for many that are still sleeping to wake up. Instead of going back talk to the Lord and He will take you farther.

Be encouraged I pray for you please pray for me also. If anyone needs prayer

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Don’t give up

Somewhere in Tennessee

I pray for those struggling with any habit. Father give me the words to write and help it reach those who need to be encouraged. Help everyone reading these words in any way they may need. I pray that angels are dispersed to protect and guide those that are struggling. Lord make Your will known to those seeking guidance, and lead each person. Father help us to see the things that we do that may displease You, unknown to us, and help us change them. Lord burn any things out of my mind that might be displeasing, and help us to help each other.

I pray for encouragement to those that try to live right, and are struggling. I pray for us to be a witness even when we are unaware. Lead us in every way and show us more ways to survive in these coming days. I pray for guidance In every situation in Your name.

The Father does not wish for any of us to struggle. In fact He has given each of us everything we need if we just ask. People often take credit for the help the Father sends, even after He is the one that sent the help. I want everyone to know that I am here to pray with those seeking prayer and ask for prayer myself. I encourage everyone reading this to draw near to the Father for we never know how much time we truly have left. If you need prayer feel free to email me at There is power in prayer don’t give up don’t give in

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Search for the Truth

I know it is important to believe in something. I pray the Father makes in impact in all our lives in Jesus name. I pray that each person finds the truth, they are seeking for. Father, Put a desire in each person reading so that they may seek out the truth. Help us see through all the lies, of the enemy. I also pray each of us, is protected and shielded, from the spells cast against our minds, hearts, or families. In Jesus’ name

Always pray for wisdom when looking at new information pray for guidance, and never assume everything is true unless it’s coming straight from the Lord. It is not wise to believe any one person 100 percent because, there was only one person that had 0 flaws Jesus Trust others, but don’t put your faith in them. Put your faith in Jesus. Stay out of negative talking and complaining, it’s a trap. Love one another and let’s all keep praying and fighting against bad addictions.

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Be joyful

The joy of the Lord is my strength. I think it’s important to find a way to walk in joy, It’s not the will of God, for any of His people, to be negative. I believe those that truly seek the Lord, continuously feel His joy, and His peace, over all the craziness around them.

Time is running out and if we are miserable, we are not being a light to those we come into contact with. If we act like them, and still participate in the same things the world is doing how are we being a light. Be thankful and joyful, there are always things to be thankful for. Anyone can complain but it takes character to be joyful when things don’t seem to be ok. I love you I’m praying for all if us, but please pray for me and mine too.