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Keep Fighting

If your not fighting for your family, who is?

Stay encouraged, don’t give in to temptation. There are so many distractions everywhere and it’s all to keep everyone away from the Truth. Sometimes it’s really hard to know what the Truth really is, but I know it isn’t putting faith in man. It’s takes a very large amount of courage to be going through trials yet staying positive, and helping others stay positive. Don’t be crabby like the rest of the world. Be encouraging to others around, so that maybe they will be encouraging. Words have power and guide your path so don’t complain but thank the Father for what you Desire The Truth is The Bible in the Bible it clearly states this is your weapon period 🎤 drop

This was intended to be encouraging and short

(Interesting fact)

Many people all through history wrote about the importance of words, I refer to James, in the Bible but others that aren’t even believers, say the same, so believe what you will.

James Carter

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The Father forgives those who ask. The ultimate Love was when He gave his Son up in order for us to have the opportunity, to live for him. Some of us still can not give up the things, of this world that are going to burn. If you remember more songs, shows or movies that glorify other things other than the Father, yet can not remember 10 Bible verses there may be a heart problem. When we invited Him into our heart He washed us clean, but yet some of us continue to try to move filth in. Halloween is a celebration of things not of Him, yet many people that claim to live the Father won’t give it up. Lord help us all to separate ourselves from those things that would prevent us from living eternally with You.

I have been feeling led to write these things and I hope it helps someone as it had been weighing on my heart this week. Spend your time pleasing the Father, and desperate to separate from the vile things that would hurt His heart.

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Keep pushing forward

Breaking habits is never easy when it becomes a crutch or idol. Think about it if it makes you act like a different person with or without the habit, then it could be a problem. I won’t stop fighting, to be, habit free. Anything that takes your focus can be a habit. It’s not hard to form a habit whether it be sugar, or even something, that is a ritual. I truly believe some have made working out a idol if working out is more of a focus to them than making their influence positive.

We must fight the urge to lash back, prepare to be positive all day and know, it is the most important thing, to do. Negative Emotions can be the biggest, obstacle to an answered prayer. I just wrote this to encourage others, and maybe by doing that it will help me, in my struggles to stay positive. When everything around me seems gloomy I know that being negative, only brings bad things. Be positive and do your best and I will too.

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It’s important to have goals

The enemy wants our lives to be complacent so that we are focusing on the wrong things. The important thing is to focus on the truth, and to encourage others. Have faith in yourself enough to leave the things of this world behind. I think it’s important especially now for those that truly love the Lord to find out the things that you do that hurt Him, and separate yourself from all of those things.

I want to encourage others and let them know that if I can do it you can. Learn to stop one thing at a time and find healthy habits to replace them. Breaking bad habits is what I’m all about.