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Look forward,

Don’t look back looking back gets us trapped in the now. Look forward as a vision of the most positive exuberant you. Unless you want to stay at the same level you are at now.

Lift each other up, instead of tearing each other down. Do not let yourself be caught up in the negativity of others. I sometimes have to put my own emotions in check several times daily, so I am not letting, the negativity of others get to me.

Just know that if you fail it’s ok, just don’t let it spiral out of control reclaim your victory over being negative and find a way to win without negative words, or actions. The easy solution is usually not the best one. Be prepared to work You are worth it.

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Is television a drug for the eyes?

Father I pray for wisdom, this is a difficult subject for some people I love dearly. One thing for sure, the more I learn about television, the more I know, that it was not intended, for our benefit. The television puts users in a hypnotic state, and this is very dangerous, to live, in this state. I’m not a scientist myself, but I did learn this from one. If someone is in a hypnotic state they are being programmed by what they are putting in front of their eyes.

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Make your goals visible

Write goals down even really small ones, and continue, to strive, to complete, them. Write them down, so that you can see them everyday, and don’t get in to the habit, of ignoring them. As soon as someone wakes up in the morning they should be reading their goals out loud. Think of how great it would feel to achieve them all, and stay in that mindset as long as you possibly can. Practice staying in the mindset, that all your goals are coming, to pass.

Speaking your goals, out loud! I believe is important, to keep, them cemented, in your mind. When I quit smoking cigarettes I used this strategy to help keep me motivated. I wrote everything, I hate about smoking, and when I wanted a cigarette, I read the list. This is just one strategy someone can use to help stay motivated. Speaking it out loud affirms to your subconscious, that you are serious, and cements this, into an action.

Add new goals often. New goals are important, because life continues, to roll on andwe should always be striving to be better and move forward. It is important for rest, but I honestly believe to many of us, have been resting for too long, when there are obstacles up ahead we should be working together to get through. I pray everyone finds their goals, if they have none.

Do you and your family have goals?

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Don’t live in the past

So many times in life, people live with regret. I have felt regret many times that I had not straightened out my life in time for my father to see me do good things. I am hearing lately not to look back. The past is already gone, and looking back, is preventing me from planning ahead.

Lots wife in the Bible was turned into a pillar of salt because she looked back. The past will not change the future, only we can change our future, by the choices we make today. I feel as the Father wants to shake His followers up, so they will look to Him instead of the past. The time for being lukewarm and comfortable is over.

Just like in fitness it takes work to succeed in anything worthwhile in life. Going back, most of the time means moving backwards. Look forwards and push towards your goals. The past is only important if we have learned from it. So learn from what had happened and live today, as your best possible self.h