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Prayer for those

That there is more chances, to teach, people all across the world. Father I do not believe most are ready and I know there is more that all of the Christians that are awake, can do. Lord, give us dreams,😉 and visions that will help us rescue one another or lost souls that still haven’t made the wrong choice. Help our minds, be healed and once our minds heal, let them be protected, so that we can explain things, with such a clarity even Children come to The truth.

I have a friend that I am praying for but I honestly want to try and cover every situation, I seen online, yesterday. I pray for my physical enemies. Lord I pray for the souls, of any person, that has a soul, that may be plotting against me. I pray that they may find salvation, and that their lives are transformed. Help me, to learn, to love anyone that has a soul, because we are supposed to love them, as much as ourselves, and this sounds like work, so I want to go ahead, and do it now. Father, and Change my heart, mind, and anything that was in, anyway altered from anyone, or anything that may be on this earth, or even in the spirit. I pray for forgiveness for letting anyone, or anything use my emotions or flesh against me. I pray that over everyone seeking Jesus, that they are free from, any kind of traps, that are being set up , in the name of Jesus, I pray that everyone, is paying attention, and getting either the same revelations,

I have to believe, or I wish I could, but after seeing the way, some are reacting, over the last 2 weeks, is making me feel sick, people are going to begin to realize, there a huge amount of deception going on in all levels of society. There’s people on the television and news that speak lies. There are preachers that are being deceived and there’s some deceiving others. I pray that anyone speaking lies in your name Father will be able to repent, before they are cut off. Let the people that have a chance to turn around, see through the lies, of everyone, that is deceiving them. Help us all see it. I pray that the chains,and forces of darkness are broken, from those that are trying. Help the children, that are suffering, and I pray that angels supernaturally interfere in any aspect of human, trafficking. I repent for not praying about this, in more detail sooner. all of the people, that take place in torturing, and any other hateful, thing. I pray that they’re hideouts, cages, and hiding spots are discovered. Lord let their money be frozen, so they can not buy another slave. I pray any slaves happen, to be, somewhere where good samaritans may find them, or let them find their own way out. I just pray the people that are imprisoned, for no reason, are able to escape, and when they are I pray that spirit filled, Christians are able to get to them,and show them that Jesus loves them, and saves those that seek and ask. I pray against the hatred, and division. This is being used to divide your people and I pray that true believers begin to realize and we are able to unite the body that’s left to begin living like Jesus did. Jesus does not hate anyone He hates sin cause it separates us from Him. Sin also makes our flesh stronger and it takes away strength from our spirit. Lord every time I think, of the revelations, I feel like I understand it and You more clearly. You have unlocked my understanding and I want to know more, but Lord I wait on you and I pray as I wait. Thankyou for giving me rest this week when I had none. Thankyou for giving me life, and help me to find ways and more understanding to reach more people. Wake those up that still hold on to music, movies, or social app stars, I pray they find out what their stars do when they are in their secret society’s. Let them find out if they sold their soul and what that really means. I pray people learn heaven and hell are real and that hell is not a party like they think. Show them in dreams, and visions until they begin, to research, themselves. Help them find everything, that will make them understand, why they shouldn’t be a part of whatever it is. I pray not only that but I pray they are delivered because I know with people that hate the Lord, they are selling their souls to Satan, meaning they have to give him something while they are earth. I believe this is obedience so really they signed their life over to be controlled then lose their life. Christians are not controlled, they surrender, and Jesus gives them the same choice, every morning. They can continue to serve the Lord and be with Him, or be like the rest of the world and not renew the mind. crucify the flesh. I pray that everyone understand. I pray that this message is received around the world no matter who tells it. The only thing I want to pray over my life is for You to control my motor functions in the next few days so that I can keep helping others. Help me teach others how to fast, because I feel we all need too. I pray that you begin to heal the things I desire to renew, help me learn to scoot over and let you drive until I know exactly what you want me to say.

I can tell you one thing for sure, if a pastor tells someone to trust trump, he’s deceiving you I don’t hate trump. I don’t hold hate in my heart for anyone and no one that says they are saved should. If God is love,then you’d be living in the opposite character. Trump needs prayer like everyone else because there are strongholds, we will all face. I pray for everyone of you to be ready too. I do however, know that the person we should be looking to save us is Jesus, the Bible tells us to trust Him, not a man. Pray for your fellow man. There is only one Father and He is waiting for some of you,to come home. Friday is going to be a day where I will sacrifice things, I like to do, I will more than likely eat early Thursday afternoon and eat again late Saturday night after, the Lords day is over. I know it is Saturday I was part of the world and I seen how people act on Saturdays. If you don’t believe it’s Saturday it’s ok we can disagree that doesn’t mean we have to argue and divide like they are trying to make peoples masks do. Pray against the plan of the devil we have the playbook, and that’s what I don’t get unless they have some sort of spells over people. And whatever you do if you even have a idea someone might be a satanist, please do not listen to or sing any of their songs don’t watch their videos. Please these people are convinced to help drag others to hell for fame fortunes or other rewards that are promised and then they are deceived too. The sad thing is is if the music does not praise or worship the Lord then there may be some sort of hidden sins. I know this is difficult for some of us. I have lived music more than my own life after I backslid for years. I believe the reason I backslid was first I wasn’t renewing my mind everyday I didn’t put the armor of God on every day. Guard your gates to your mind. Renew your mind. Stay praying keep your heart right. Keep your mind pure renew it every time something besides Jesus enters it, because if you aren’t preparing you may not have time too because things have been speeding up. Have you ever seen any other country besides Afghanistan get taken over that fast. I’m ending here on a positive. Jesus died for us so that we might have an opportunity to live for Him and be saved. This is so deep but we will go over it again but in a different way. Pray for revelations and any gifts because The Fathers gifts don’t cost someone’s soul, His gifts are from Him and meant for us to advance the Kingdom. If you aren’t telling or trying to witness I somehow or someway You should seek the Lord cause there is more than likely something there blocking, or something planting poison seeds in your mind. So let’s keep the prayers pumping keep the Fathers praise on your lips. Keep His word in and on your heart. When your reading important versus imagine it as if the Lord is writing them out on your heart and while you imagine it ask Him to do whatever it takes to get everyone you love into heaven. I love you all. If you are not sad about others, not making it, to heaven are you going? We are to live in love,and if you love someone, then you will tell them the truth.

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Will your spirit be strong? On that day

This is a short little explanation so something I didn’t understand. I hope it blesses you, and hopefully this story will wake people up. When I was young I always wondered why the rich young ruler had such a hard time and now I think I see because his spirit was weak and his flesh was strong, he wanted to follow Jesus but like a majority of christians he was stuck in habits. Probably whatever luxury came with being rich back then. So the people of the world, many of them want to follow but they are being controlled, technology probably has some sort of pull on their flesh too cause they’re trying to put magnetic waves in everybody, and everything. I’m going to pray some more I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you, and love you. And I’m praying when the time comes that everyone will gladly give whatever it is up that He asks of you. He sees your heart so it will probably be anything that should not still be there holding on. Break bad habits with me. Pray for everyone being persecuted and those that are still holding on to things of this world. Renew the mind every day and crucify the flesh by giving your day to Jesus every day this will continue to make the spirit stronger and the flesh way more weak. Demons cannot attack you when your spirit is strong they attack when the flesh is strong. This is the next reveal and they kind of work together. Love you everyone be safe stay connected to Jesus not man. Let’s get in the habit of fasting Fridays until the people that are still sleeping wake up. We don’t want anyone to go to hell it’s not supposed to be for us. Pray pray pray and believe Chains are breaking, in the spirit, in the name of Jesus.

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This is a sensitive article, but please please please know that this applies to me too. Jesus told the disciples, to pick, up your cross and follow me. I can’t help but look around, and feel so sad, because it seems, even with all the evidence piling up, there are so many people that are being, deceived and manipulated. Some Christians won’t even give one, habit up, yet Jesus gave The Biggest Sacrifice, He gave up his life, so we might liveIt’s hard to believe people claim to live the Lord yet they are still listening to music, made by someone that admits to eating humans, selling their soul to Satan, etc.. this is in a majority, of music somewhere. Most of the actors, and actresses hate the Lord, and make very wicked vile statements about Christ, but people that claim to love the Lord with all their heart, mind, and soul are still idolizing them. Some people go to church for 2 hours a week but spend 30 hours or more filling their head with all the spells and witchcraft unknowingly hidden in the music, movies, and media. So many people that made it big hate God, because if they sold their soul, they are no longer in control. You see they sold their soul, so they may have some sort of talent or ability, but then first, they aren’t always in control of themselves anymore. The gave that right away, they also gave their seat in heaven away. There are people in Afghanistan, China, and maybe a few other places being martyrs for their faith. I feel as if most Christians are still, unable to realize what’s going on. I feel as if Jesus is calling us to stop doing whatever we are doing and follow Him. Would you be able to make that sacrifice, and drop everything to follow Him? I feel as though this applies to today, because we are getting so close to the end. He’s calling us to drop the bad habits, and pick up our crosses, and follow Him. Our crosses would have to then represent our flesh, in order to follow Jesus, we have to crucify ourself (fleshly desires) everyday. This is part of renewing the mind. If someone isn’t waking up, in the morning, and renewing their mind, then they are waking up, with that old mind again. That’s not yours, when you got saved you basically made the arrangement to crucify that part of you. This is your sacrifice to Jesus, because He gave His life for you. Are you living for Jesus or not? If your living for the Lord, that means you ask Him everyday, to renew your mind, so that He can take it over, it’s His. He’s done all this, to save, us so that we can live, in eternity, with Him. I feel that maybe this is the reason we are tempted so much, because we haven’t let Jesus take the steering wheel, for the day. This should be a relief to some the way people complain about everything. My question that hit me deep is if you can’t sacrifice little things, or big, how will each person be ready to lay, down their life, instead of bowing, to the Antichrist We have to learn to do it now, or we may not be able too. I’m not sure how it will happen. They may threaten to torture you, or offer you food, when you haven’t ate if you bow down, but I’m almost sure they will want those that do not bow to them, to denounce, Christ, and maybe a lot more. If you sacrifice the flesh, daily the spirit gets stronger, than the flesh, but if you aren’t putting that flesh up on the cross and telling the Lord to renew your mind. The spirit will be weak and the flesh will be stronger. This is where I believe many miss it. I know I have till now.When we renew our minds, Jesus has control, and when we let Him take control, a spring of joy begins to flow from our being. When we let Him take control, our blessings will come, when we let Him take control our spot in heaven is waiting for us. When we let Him take control, we are supernatural blessed at everything we do. Lord, forgive me for showing myself to the steering wheel, forgive me, not renewing my mind, and giving my mind to You. Father forgive me for being ignorant, I pray for you to renew my mind, help everyone see, let them see the Truth about these people, that they listen to on the radio. Let them see the things that they’re icons are doing, that is not supposed to be seen. I pray that, until people, turn their lives around, like they said they have, that they start having dreams about the evil things going on. May they have dreams that scare them, not so that they feel fear, but so they might have more of a chance to escape. I pray for hearts to be softened let the calluses be healed, off their hearts, so that it is possible for your word to penetrate, and find good ground. I pray for those that are not renewing their minds everyday. I pray that this message gets to them even if it’s not from me. Protect these people so they still have time to learn, help them be reached my spiritual believers, in supernatural ways. I pray for the believers that forgot to put their armor on today, protect them, and their families and I pray that it is drilled into everyone’s head and written on their hearts, with Your word. I pray a spirit of repentance falls over believers, because I feel like we are running out of time. I praise You for being so awesome, and answering these prayers. You put this word in my heart, while I worked and praised you under my breath all night. I pray every person that is not fully awake, or not awake at all, will wake up. I pray these words get shared, even if someone else delivers the message, it’s the Fathers message,Father I pray it gets delivered 2,000 different ways, from different people, if it helps, more people, wake up. I love you, Father and thank you for everything you have done. I love everyone and may your days ahead be blessed. Please do not thank me for this message, thank the Father this was for me big time. He opens your eyes, when you ask Him. I may be spending the next few days in prayer, you may not see a post or you may see several, I don’t plan on having the steering wheel. Again I’m not stomping on anyone’s toes I’m stomping on my own.

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Time management

Sometimes it never feels like, there is enough time, in the day, to get, everything done. it sometimes even seems that you turn around and the day or time has evaporated. Where did it go? I think the reason people are so consumed, in habits is because, we live in the last days. If you don’t believe that, read the Bible. When Jesus described the, end of days. You would think He was here now, watching us. What does this have, to do, with, time management. You are your own manager, and it is up to you, if you want to make it, to the finish line. There’s only one person, that can truly manage their own time, and that person is you.

Why is this so important? There are so many distractions in life, and the only way to make sure, to get, everything done, is you guessed it, time management. So in order to avoid distractions, it’s important to set goals. Setting goals should be a part of the day, just like giving time, to the Father. Someone can easily set goals and meet them by, making a list. This is rewarding itself especially when you are able to cross or check all your goals off as done.

I feel, that the most rewarding thing, to do, is schedule your day, but put the Father at the top of the list, and stick to the schedule. This has, and will always lead to a great day. It is rewarding, at the same time, because when you love the Lord you want, to spend, time with Him. Life is always going to have distractions and obstacles, but having a list ready, will ensure that, at least the distractions won’t make you forget. On top of that when someone gives their time to the Father, He will show them ways, to save time, money, and energy.

Priorities are things that have to be done, no matter what and distractions are things that interrupt those priorities. I feel that sometimes it is necessary to change our priorities, because sometimes as we grow as a person, they will change. Putting the Lord at the top of your priority list, shows Him, your at least making the effort, to put, Him first. The truth is every person, may have different lists, of things that need to be done, but time never changes. We were all given the same 24 hours, in a day.

Distractions, disruptions, and obstacles are things, that will try and take away from your time. Have you ever had a moment, when you had everything going perfectly, until the phone rang? The next thing you know your hanging up the phone, and your list that you thought was almost done, has now grown, and there’s things that need to be added now too. One strategy I suggest is putting the phone down, maybe if you have someone that’s supposed to call you can leave it on. The most damaging thing to do to your day is starting it with social networks. It’s ok to use as a tool, but I do not believe, most people use it in that way. Turn off the television, or turn on a spiritual teaching, and put it on low. If this is distracting to you, ignore it, but it works for me. What also works for me, is getting things done when others are sleeping. My best prayer time, devotions, and studying have always come to me when others are sleeping. This may take a sacrifice, because someone will either have to wake up earlier, than everyone else, or to stay up a little later.

Father, I pray for forgiveness, for making things, more important, and not giving You more time, at the beginning, of my day. Help me, to practice, what I’m writing. Father I will always need You, to direct, my steps, and guide me, so that I am not waisting the precious time I do have left. Guide me when I make my goals, and show me how to make more out of them. I pray that if someone, is not willing to receive You, that they be weeded out of my life. I pray if they are willing for You to guide me, and help me to do what You would do. In Jesus name I come against obstacles, distractions, and disruptions, that are trying to disrupt anyone reading these words. Lord reveal to everyone reading, if they have any distracting influences, in their life sent, to steal, their time. I praise you for helping everyone, to make even better use of their time than before, in Jesus’ Name we pray. 💛