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The powers that be don’t care about your health or safety

The most important thing, to realize, is the powers that be are not, the powers of, the Father. The devil paces back and forth like a lion seeking the ones he might be able to devour. This should be a great place, for some of us, to begin our walk, with the Lord. If the government, adds thousands of chemicals, to cigarettes, which they do, to keep people addicted. These chemicals are used to keep people addicted, through science. The chemicals, are poisonous, and make the user think they smell good, taste good, and is what they need. The truth is, they stink, and they are slowly destroying themselves, and the lives of those that they may influence. I want everyone to think on that for a minute. If the government does all this, to cigarettes and food, why would they care about the safety, of our lives. The government does not care, these shots they are trying to force on everyone, is another way to strip more rights away. Wake up, do some research, there’s a reason, they want to force it on everyone. There’s a reason the richest people buy all the farms. If you think about it we are in a huge monopoly game, and the good side is losing. It’s time, to decide, to fight, against the evil, of this world. Our fight is spiritual, and we fight daily against our own flesh, first of all. Then the fight is against powers, principalities, and darkness that rule, over the world. They do not even try, to hide, the plans, they have, to kill, most of the world’s population. Has anyone ever heard of the Georgia guide-stones. It suggest on the guide stones that they should keep the population under 500 million. This would show they are planning for just about 7/8 of the worlds population to die. Does anyone still believe they are concerned about your health?

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Hate sin not the sinner

Pray for your brothers and sisters

So many people are concerned about others sinning, and then lose sight, of their own hearts, and own lives. Just because you are not doing that thing, it is important to remember each person is on their own. we should constantly be in prayer so we don’t fall for any tricks the enemy, has set for us.

I think when someone is pointing out sin someone else has, if they aren’t doing it in love, they are doing it out of pride. Pride comes before a fall that is in the Bible so it’s important to drill that in your brain because it’s a easy trap to fall into. We are human souls and constantly have spiritual forces attacking or setting traps for us. The point of this is it is important to examine ourselves and our hearts. There is a specific way the Bible instructs Christians to handle sin, but this is in the church, and has been long forgotten. I find it strange that people always find a way, to find someone else’s fault but not their own. Maybe their pride is making them blind.

We are fighting against a spiritual enemy, and I do not believe, that anyone has any reason to hate people, because God is love and does not hate anyone he hates the sin. I pray that the sin begins to break our hearts, before we even think about doing them, so that we do not hurt our Father.

Father, I thank you for this day, and I ask you to forgive me, for focusing on other peoples sin, instead of my own. I pray that I begin to have wisdom as I keep in this journey. I come against anything or habit that is holding anyone reading as a prisoner. I plead the blood of Jesus over the chains that bind them and break them, in the name of Jesus. I rebuke any spirits or forces that are trying to trap or destroy anyone, or everyone reading. I pray for people to wake up out of their spells they’ve been put under. I pray that the deception of these rulers be revealed so maybe people realize what they are planning. Lord don’t let my pride get in the way. Let me stay humble and obedient. Mold me and make me into what you want me to be Father. I thank You, and praise You, for, all these things.