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Prayer for the hopeless

I pray for forgiveness for not praying enough and for everything I’ve made life about, instead of You. I pray that the things I put before You, are burned out of my desires, so that I desire You more. I pray for the people who feel there is no hope left, no matter what situation they are in. I pray that supernatural forces that be coming against this prayer be disrupted and confused and any forces that are not of you Father be confused into attacking their own forces of darkness in hell. I pray for people everywhere that are in any kind of bondage, I pray for chains to break through the Blood of Jesus. I pray over the situations where there seems to be no hope. I bind the forces of darkness that control this world in Jesus’ name, you can not have the hopeless. We bind you and cast you back to hell.

Father I pray for freedom, for those who don’t know, they aren’t free, we pray for them, to open, their eyes , before it’s too late, help us be a witness, I pray for you, to pour, your spirit like a wave, to all the people that are praying, so we can break through, all the darkness. Help us, to be positive, when everyone, around us, is grumbling, and , p, complaining. Don’t let us fall, into the traps set out for us. Keep our minds pure, and holy, and make our hearts break, when others, are breaking your laws, and your word. May each person reading this, be blessed, help each person deal, with any problems or stresses, with ease, May our faith be strong because all of the things, we have endured. Father, I pray for forgiveness, for ever making life about anything, more than you. Lord restore in our lives, and hearts what the enemy, has taken. I pray everyone is ready, for what is coming, Help us to see the pain, when someone is being mean. Help us, to realize, its not really them, its just something, using them, to try, and hurt us, or make us angry. I pray that anyone, and everyone in this world, that is homeless, or in an abusive home, I pray they have angels, guard them tonight, and they are able to find relief. I pray that every one, who still has a chance, to be saved. I pray for everything, to be supernaturally done. help people see the Truth, and give us the words. I pray against the deception, that is dividing people, in this country. It isn’t a war against races, we know, that we are all equal, in your eyes, and there’s no hatred there. Lord make us able to see the lies, someone may be telling, to divide, us more. Lord, help me, do more for the kingdom, of heaven, and not stumble again. purge my organs, from the wickedness, of this world. I pray for everyone that is saved already to get into prayer, I pray against the deception, deceiving everyone, and I rebuke it. Lord make people, in these movements, of hatred, aware and I pray that the blood of Jesus, cover them too, when they get saved, so that they can reach, several people, in these movements, Father, let everyone, have peace tonight, whatever they may be going through. Help the people, that ate locked up, whether it be jail, or they be slaves. Let them know, they still have a chance, and Light their prayer life, on fire, so they may reach others. Father everytime, I want to complain, remind me of Paul, and Silas. Give all your people, a reminder. I ask you to take over my mouth, I give you permission, to stop, me, if I’m going to say anything, that might make others stumble. I don’t want to be that guy, I want to be the spark that ignites their prayer life, I pray to get back into worship, that it may bring me closer to You. I thank you and praise you for all you do. If I forgot anybody, or anything, bring it to my mind, as I work tonight, so that i may pray for them instead, of listening, to the complainers. Thank you Father we love you, and praise You cause you are an Awesome! God.

I’m starting a prayer group on Facebook if anyone wants to join

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Getting Focused again

The time for take off is now, it is not the time to be lazy. The world is going crazy, around us, but it, does not mean to conform to it. You can do this, and it is time to speak and believe it over yourself. Start your day with positive, meditation, and prayer over your life. Don’t let yourself believe the negative things that are said, instead replace it with a positive. If someone were to say I was slow, I would just respond, by saying, thank you I know I move at supernatural speeds. Being positive is more important, than being right. Keep your mindset on what you want out of life and not what you see. Things are going to get better, when you let them, but many get stuck in the present by focusing on it, too much. There are to many of us feeding these negative, thoughts, which keep you in, the same predicament. So do a exercise for yourself. Place your palm over you forehead and speak the things over, yourself, that you want like it’s already happening. Imagine what you feel if that were to happen, and hold that emotion while you do this. Make it a habit speaking positive things, over yourself.

Distractions are sometimes, unavoidable, but we can avoid most of them. The first thing, someone must determine is, how bad do you want it? Only you can make, or break what goals you decide for yourself. Take responsibility, for your actions, and do not repeat them, unless they are successful. Shake negative thinking off, any way possible. The best thing someone can do is avoiding noise at all cost. Each person is different, but I am the type that gets distracted if I don’t force myself to move. Things are changing, but that is all the more reason to push forward, into action. If someone is not being a light, with their, words, actions, or what they allow themselves to be a part of, then they are not contributing, to the cause of Christ. It is important for each person to realize that we may be the only light, that is able to reach, someone else. I think the hardest part for me has been detaching myself from all the negativity. I do believe with prayer and faith that all things are possible. Keep your mind focused on the end and keep emotions as positive emotions and only focus on the things desired.

Remember each day is a battle and, to get back up when you mess up, as soon as you mess up. You must be ready for battle, this is the end, we have gone to far, to give up now. Focus on the end result, of what you want. Never accept anything less, than your expectations, and always expect the best things your imagination, can fathom. Learning to do this can and will change the way things work out. Push forward, and pray, everyday, as much as you can. Keep praying for negative things to be burned from your mind, tongue, and actions, then I think it is necessary sometimes to run the other way, if it feels like, your not going to make the right choice, the positive choice.

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This is a testimony of yesterday I waited on the Lord, and asked Him for guidance, instead of acting, out of anger , and my blessing came and continues to come. Don’t give in to the flesh. It’s funny how when people act like they are tough they get angry fast. The truth is it takes the stronger person to give it to the Lotd it is called self control . The person giving in to the anger is actually little the spiritual forces of darkness control’s way easier to Lose your temper and then lose your blessing. I pray that everyone reading this gets a blessing from this story.