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What motivates you

Sometimes in life if someone lets the wrong thing motivate them it can cause them to get of course for their goals. It’s good to have goals but are they the right goals. Recently I’ve decided to take a harder look at myself, because I do this blog I’m trying everything I can to be a better, more positive, best version of myself that I can. When doing this I asked Father to reveal things in me that we’re not His character. This was a little upsetting because, I really didn’t expect the answers I got. The one I’m going to talk about today is idolatry. This is because I have been making money and things, more important than I should have.

I’m not telling anyone to get rid of their money, but if it is more important to you than the Father it is time to check yourself. The money on this earth is all going to burn one day, and it’s important for us to realize this, and pray to the Father to make Him most important. If someone is making it important, than maybe they should try and put it away from your sight, and hit your knees and pray. When you invite Jesus into your heart, that means he is sitting on the throne of your heart. The enemy comes and does everything possible to dethrone Him.

If you are unsure if you are making money or anything else more important. Pay attention for one day, what your thinking about, when no one else is around. What is your mind focusing on, when you get those few free moments. Did you ever think Jesus. Chances are if someone is thinking about anything other than the Father all day long their priorities may be getting twisted. I’m not condemning anyone, cause I don’t do that, I love you all and everything I write is something I’ve learned through my own prayer life. Remember to try and focus on the fruits of the spirit. These are the characteristics of Jesus, and I couldn’t think of anything better to keep someone’s mind on. This is not an easy task so I suggest maybe starting small practice thinking of these things. I think it’s very important as Christians to start separating ourselves from the worldly things, and this is something I myself have to work on. It isn’t because I worship money, but it happens when money is tight, and I stress about it and I make it to important. Faith, is the thing I need to work on, because if I have faith I will know that the Lord has this life under control. If I stay humble and keep Him the most important. I love you all.