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I pray that whoever is reading this is filled with Your spirit instantly. Lead us Away from the pit. Help us lead others away from the Pitt. Send your spirit so strong in us that we are a catalyst before it’s to late. I come against any thing or anybody that would bring any traits that aren’t like you Father. Lord separate us from the ones that will not submit to you. I pray that you give us spiritual eyes so we may escape.

I pray for your spirit to fall because we won’t stop praying. I ask you to cover everyone reading this with your protection. Lord if they won’t change I pray the be removed so that it does not hinder the lost that are ready.

I pray Father that you give us your, mind, your heart, your thoughts. I pray for any gift to help us fight the enemy to be awakened and for them to come alive

And help others escape. Fill us with your traits Father and help us to not grumble but give us peace that passes all understanding, no matter how scary or crazy the world gets around us. Help us to thankyou and praise you with unshakable mmm faith. So that we see the answers before they come. Make us into prayer strategist, so that we are taking over our own destiny with your guidance we praise You and worship you for everything you’ve done. I rebuke anyone that tries to infiltrate our prayers or post or any way we might be a witness. Give us testimony’s that will shake the foundations of hell. Lord I love you. Lord you promised in your word that if any man be in Christ he is a new creature old things are passed away behold all thing are made new. This verse prove that negative and bad energy we have authority over sin. It’s important to realize this and command, it the demons, and any thing that isn’t from the Father.


Posted in Positive life, repent, pray, claim it, rebuke the spiritual forces ckaim it again then thank the Father for it being done and then praise him.

I pray, I fast, I believe, and then I thank and praise Him

This is the order of operations when it comes to asking for something. I’ve had so many different things go wrong, in life and the whole time, it was something my father was trying to teach me when I was young. Speak life over the people your praying for. Always say positive prayers. There are ways to strategize your prayer life. Strategies to win the spiritual battles. The way someone communicates and what their mind is focusing on. If your the type to focus on the negative past. Then you can get stuck there. Why, your focusing on the flesh and why your upset. The nature of God is to build our faith. I pray these things over my life and over the lives of those that may read this. God has the nature of giving and the enemy is all about taking. It’s important to learn the fruits of the spirit and to not give into the temptation of self pity, anger, jealousy, hate, and anything not included in the fruits of the spirit. We must learn to check our hearts, minds, and keep them pure as Jesus would live.

I pray for the addicts and users and anyone that feels like there is no hope. The hope you have now is nothing compared to what is coming. I come against and principally and powers and I rebuke you and plead the Blood of Jesus over everyone being attacked by spiritual forces or the powers of darkness. I feel like it’s time for the church to wake up or move aside because if you let things in the church that grieve the spirit of God, then why even go. I feel as though I’d rather be used by God than spewed out of the gates of heaven straight to hell. If we are to love our neighbor as much as ourselves but if we are not trying to show them the truth or the love of Christ . Love will tell the truth and if that ain’t enough we are commanded to live one another.

God is love if you aren’t showing that love then you aren’t displacing the love of Christ and you aren’t walking in the character of Christ. If you aren’t of Him then you are of the world. I do hope and pray for eyes to start opening fast. I think the next prayer is like to do is a prayer against witchcraft. I thank you Father for delivering all the minds and hearts and we praise you for doing your work in us.