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Focusing on positive things

The world is a scary place, and many are worried about their future, and the future, of their families. The Father wants us to focus on Him, and not the things of this world. When someone focuses on negative things, it is taking away their faith. What we give our energy to, is what we are calling into being, through our subconscious.

Has anyone ever feared something happening, all day, just for that very thing to happen? The more we focus on things, the more power we give them. The more emotions you put into your thoughts, the more power, those thoughts have over us.

I have learned a few tricks to changing thoughts. The first one is finding a positive song. The music coming out today is so negative, that I find myself changing the negative words into positive ones if I can not escape hearing the songs. When a negative thought creeps into my mind, I say the complete opposite. When I have a fear of my car breaking down, I thank the Father for providing my family with a new vehicle. When the fear comes that I won’t make enough for the bills of the week I rank the Lord out loud for providing all our needs.

Think positive things, and positive things will start to happen.

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Facing Goliath

Habits, can be like giants, especially when it is a habit that is hard for someone to quit. When I quit smoking cigarettes, I realized that there are habits that some will never be able to quit. Not everyone escapes their giant. Some may think to themselves that my habit isn’t that bad. Anything that becomes so important, that you can not go to bed, or wake up, without indulging, can lead to a idol, or in this care habit/giant.

I’m not condemning anyone with any type of habits I’m just here to encourage everyone, that no matter how big the giant, habit, or circumstance. There is hope, and you can quit. If I could quit some of the habits I have had over 20 years then anyone can. Their is a way to quit as long as someone is willing to try the Father will meet you halfway.