Give and it shall be given unto you.

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I keep hearing about Jonah, and in my prayer and meditation I heard something about it too. The truth is staring many in the face, because our time left on earth is short. Jonah was told to warn the people of Nineveh, but he ran away from them. How many of us, is The Father asking to warn people, because there is not much time left.

I don’t believe that the Father changes, and I just wonder if I’m doing everything, that He is calling me to do, because the thought of being fish food for three days does not sound very fun. I want to encourage each person reading to seek the Father, and ask if there’s something else, we can do.

What was Jonah’s message repent! Time is short, if we aren’t praying for our families every day and repenting to keep our wedding gowns clean, we are failing. Repent and pray for me, if you have good intentions. I bless you in the name of Jesus, if you don’t have good intentions I pray for you, and bless you anyway, not so you will be cursed I bless you and pray you find the Father before, our time is up. I love each and every person, and pray for each of my readers.

Pray for anyone that tells the Truth, because they are under attack.

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Summer Nights

There is hope, even though the day is fading and the storm clouds are moving in. Don’t be discouraged, the Father is always one prayer away. The enemy is clever, and is not going out silently, so it’s important, for us, to be, prepared at every moment.

The moment we stop preparing, is usually when we are caught, in a bad situation. I have recently learned this lesson, the hard way. I think the time for being lukewarm is over, because time is short, and things are happening fast. We are not promised tomorrow, and although I’ve seen countless videos about, when the Lord will return. His word does say no one, knows when He will return. This means we should stay prepared, at all times.

I stay prepared, by trying to stay in prayer. The best way, I have found, to do this is beginning my day, in meditation, and prayer. Starting the day, the right way, with the Father. The best thing, to do, is leave the phone alone, until after devotion time. I have found that, this helps me. Does anyone else have any suggestions on spending time with the Lord?

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Look forward,

Don’t look back looking back gets us trapped in the now. Look forward as a vision of the most positive exuberant you. Unless you want to stay at the same level you are at now.

Lift each other up, instead of tearing each other down. Do not let yourself be caught up in the negativity of others. I sometimes have to put my own emotions in check several times daily, so I am not letting, the negativity of others get to me.

Just know that if you fail it’s ok, just don’t let it spiral out of control reclaim your victory over being negative and find a way to win without negative words, or actions. The easy solution is usually not the best one. Be prepared to work You are worth it.

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Is television a drug for the eyes?

Father I pray for wisdom, this is a difficult subject for some people I love dearly. One thing for sure, the more I learn about television, the more I know, that it was not intended, for our benefit. The television puts users in a hypnotic state, and this is very dangerous, to live, in this state. I’m not a scientist myself, but I did learn this from one. If someone is in a hypnotic state they are being programmed by what they are putting in front of their eyes.