Give and it shall be given unto you.

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The Father forgives those who ask. The ultimate Love was when He gave his Son up in order for us to have the opportunity, to live for him. Some of us still can not give up the things, of this world that are going to burn. If you remember more songs, shows or movies that glorify other things other than the Father, yet can not remember 10 Bible verses there may be a heart problem. When we invited Him into our heart He washed us clean, but yet some of us continue to try to move filth in. Halloween is a celebration of things not of Him, yet many people that claim to live the Father won’t give it up. Lord help us all to separate ourselves from those things that would prevent us from living eternally with You. I have been feeling led to write these things and I hope it helps someone as it had been weighing on my heart this week. Spend your time pleasing the Father, and desperate from the vile things that would hurt His heart.

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The thorn in the flesh

The thorn in the flesh Paul speaks of I believe was left unnamed because, for everyone it is different. The thorn in the flesh is the constant reminder that we are constantly fighting against the evil desires of the flesh. Bad habits are a thorn in the flesh because, bad habits cause sin, if they aren’t sin already. This is the design of the enemy to destroy each of us, in any way possible. I feel like The Father equipped each person to truly know in their hearts, the difference between right and wrong. I really wish the world would stop picking at each other and start examining our own hearts. There’s so much hate and division, this is what the rulers in high places have been pushing for.

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We are fighting a common enemy

The main enemy, we fight is unseen. The one enemy you fight against you can see, stares at you in the mirror. The flesh is the reason, for most of our evil desires, but the battle starts before that point. The battle starts the instant, the seed of sin is planted, in the mind. This is why I believe social media, is where these seeds are entering, the minds, of Gods children. The enemy paces around like a lion seeking, those he may devour. It takes commitment, to stalk a enemy, which leads me to one question. What are we doing, to protect, our family, friends, and people we love.

I keep coming to the same crossroads in life, if I’m not focusing on His words and His truths I’m getting distracted, and discouraged. I believe this is the day, the Lord has made, He is calling us to prayer. The world is being divided, in any, and every way possible. Jesus is calling His church to wake up and pray, instead of social media. He said go tell the world, not sit and tell the world. I’m challenging you as I challenge my own life. If people do not wake up, they will keep fighting with each other, and fail to realize the enemy, is the flesh, and the spiritual world around us. The enemy is the programming someone allows, in their house. The moment people start realizing, the true enemy is behind the screen of the television, cellphone, computer, song, movie, tablet, iPhone, iPad, and etc… The enemy is the elite group of people that are busy monopolizing the world. The enemy is not your brother, or sister in Christ.

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The powers that be don’t care about your health or safety

The most important thing, to realize, is the powers that be are not, the powers of, the Father. The devil paces back and forth like a lion seeking the ones he might be able to devour. This should be a great place, for some of us, to begin our walk, with the Lord. If the government, adds thousands of chemicals, to cigarettes, which they do, to keep people addicted. These chemicals are used to keep people addicted, through science. The chemicals, are poisonous, and make the user think they smell good, taste good, and is what they need. The truth is, they stink, and they are slowly destroying themselves, and the lives of those that they may influence. I want everyone to think on that for a minute. If the government does all this, to cigarettes and food, why would they care about the safety, of our lives. The government does not care, these shots they are trying to force on everyone, is another way to strip more rights away. Wake up, do some research, there’s a reason, they want to force it on everyone. There’s a reason the richest people buy all the farms. If you think about it we are in a huge monopoly game, and the good side is losing. It’s time, to decide, to fight, against the evil, of this world. Our fight is spiritual, and we fight daily against our own flesh, first of all. Then the fight is against powers, principalities, and darkness that rule, over the world. They do not even try, to hide, the plans, they have, to kill, most of the world’s population. Has anyone ever heard of the Georgia guide-stones. It suggest on the guide stones that they should keep the population under 500 million. This would show they are planning for just about 7/8 of the worlds population to die. Does anyone still believe they are concerned about your health?