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Free me Father

Addiction is not a laughing matter, it has taken many people, and I am praying for all the people, it’s trying to take. You can do it, even if you slip, it’s not the end, of the world just always remember your rock bottom and don’t go back move forward passed the habit that is trying to destroy you. Replace the habit with learning a hobby that is a life skill, put as much energy as you want to use into learning something that benefits you. I have used cooking, making music, and writing.

There are options for everyone, trying to quit. Don’t give up on yourself, someone is still counting on you, your going conquer this. There are many of us fighting the same battles, against the same demons and we are stronger united. Stand with me and fight.


My name is James Carter, and you are visiting breaking bad habits. I believe everyone has habits, good and bad. When I was 34 years old, I woke up and looked in the mirror. I was shocked, I had been drinking every night for so long, that I was fat. I weighed 355 pounds, and ran out of breathe and almost passed out to try and tie my shoes. This was the day I started to wake up. I had a long journey ahead of me, but with prayer, meditation, fasting and exercise I was on my way. It’s been 6 years since then I’ve quit most of my bad habits, and I’m down to below 200 pounds. I have to be honest, that day in 2014 I never dreamed I would have gotten this far. If someone like me can quit, so can you.