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Spiritual growth (are we being distracted)

One thing I have learned is that time changes everything. Things change in the blink of an eye for better or for worse. There are forces working for, or against us and they are catapulted into affect by our actions, and words. So the only question to ask oneself is, before I make this decision, am I going to bring blessings, or cursing, in my life. This applies to speech also, before taking part in any conversation, ask yourself, are these words based off of the fruits of the spirit, or to serve the flesh(carnal man).

I believe we are called to be different, set apart, not like the rest of the world. The world will fight you on this, because there are spiritual forces working behind the scenes. If we are not getting some kind of pushback from the world, being in the last days, then we may need to examine more aspects of our lives. Staying in prayer, can and will prevent this, just keep in mind there are spiritual forces at work, to try, and pull everyone away from the prayer closet.

This is why it’s so important to have people praying. I have no doubt in my mind, the people with the most money are evil, and planning devious things behind closed doors. If the people of God are distracted, by people, places, things and feelings, then they are letting the wrong side gain ground. We are called to pray, without ceasing, this ensures that we are not distracted, if we stay focused. This is a deep message, because it’s been hitting home with me, so I feel led to end this one in prayer.

Father, We pray firstly for forgiveness, for letting ourselves, get distracted, from You. Reveal to us the things, working against our walk, with You. Guide us, away from the things of this world. Give us a heart of a warrior, when We pray, and a shepherd, when We are around those, that still have a chance. Give us wisdom to pause, and pray before We speak, or act. We pray that over everyone, reading these posts. We plead the blood of Jesus over, the minds of all your people Lord. Keep waking us up. Make us into what, You need us to be. We pray all of this, in Jesus’ mighty name we pray. I love all of you and let’s keep each other in prayer. If I don’t post anything, for a few days, feel free to give me a poke. Have a blessed day