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Don’t give in to negative talk.

 Satan comes to kill steal and destroy, but the Lord has come to bring life and bring life more abundantly. It’s so easy to get twisted up, in someone else’s negative (drama) talk but I think it’s important to find a way out of the situation. Someone’s going to call your phone and they’re going to ask you questions about your own life. Don’t give in find a way out or speak in faith. Another reason someone doesn’t want to tell them yes because some people like to repeat things. words have power when we speak we are bringing in energy in the air it’s either a good energy or a bad energy. Don’t be the reason you miss out on the blessing that God has for you. Take charge of your own conversation or someone else will.

<Christian in today’s world, I feel like the reason we are looked at with such negativity is because Christians are generally weak, not all of them but a majority of them don’t stand up when they should.The best way to stay out of negative conversation is to ignore it. Remember when you speak negative things even if you’re just telling somebody what’s going on it causes negative things to happen. As soon as you give in to to negative thoughts, it creates connections with other negative thoughts you might have had, or thoughts that weren’t originally yours Paul wrote about renewing the mind daily, sometimes I have to do it several times a day.

Learn to deal with your problems by talking to God and asking him for the solution. When people bicker at each other, It causes other people to get upset. A good example of this is if you go in somewhere and everybody’s having a good day and then one person walks in with a attitude, throwing stuff around, He or she changes the whole atmosphere of the room. The Best thing to do is, shut your mouth until you Pray about it. This will teach someone to have wisdom, And will not prevent their blessing from coming when it supposed to come. When we endure especially the bad times, and we are still praising the Lord, thats usually where the best blessings are, but don’t expect it. God knows our hearts, He made them.


My name is James Carter, and you are visiting breaking bad habits. I believe everyone has habits, good and bad. When I was 34 years old, I woke up and looked in the mirror. I was shocked, I had been drinking every night for so long, that I was fat. I weighed 355 pounds, and ran out of breathe and almost passed out to try and tie my shoes. This was the day I started to wake up. I had a long journey ahead of me, but with prayer, meditation, fasting and exercise I was on my way. It’s been 6 years since then I’ve quit most of my bad habits, and I’m down to below 200 pounds. I have to be honest, that day in 2014 I never dreamed I would have gotten this far. If someone like me can quit, so can you.

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    1. I always appreciate kind words. I have been dealing with some of these things all week. It’s such a blessing to have God In my life, whenever I’m struggling I’m beginning to learn to praise Him anyway and He always gives me the answer that I need.

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