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Perception today, be positive 👊🏻

Run from temptation. Putting oneself into a position to be tempted, To use, or just be in a situation that will lead to failure, is the last thing one should do. Tomorrow is never promised, so forgive instantly, because you or the other person could be gone instantly. Someone should always be forgiving, and always look for the positive and never the negative things, in life. Perspectives can be changed it all depends on the person from which the outlook, of life, comes from. It’s easier to blame someone else, but that is wrong and must be avoided. Take control and use your mind to prevent oneself to have the need to blame anyone. If you can not take ownership of your actions then they are not worth doing. Leave a positive impression as much as possible remember someone is always watching. It’s not easy to do the right thing all the time, but if someone does not at least try they forget where the lines of right and wrong are.

Many people today have forgotten these lines. We are all born with a conscience, it is up to each person to choose their own path. It is my choice to live positive and to uplift someone else’s day. I will rise to the occasion , and I will start writing again. It is not in my control how others live or act. It is in my control how I react and this reflects my character. Set boundaries and goals and stick to them because nobody can attack ones day like the person living it. I love everyone I want to stop here and I promise I’ll write again soon.


My name is James Carter, and you are visiting breaking bad habits. I believe everyone has habits, good and bad. When I was 34 years old, I woke up and looked in the mirror. I was shocked, I had been drinking every night for so long, that I was fat. I weighed 355 pounds, and ran out of breathe and almost passed out to try and tie my shoes. This was the day I started to wake up. I had a long journey ahead of me, but with prayer, meditation, fasting and exercise I was on my way. It’s been 6 years since then I’ve quit most of my bad habits, and I’m down to below 200 pounds. I have to be honest, that day in 2014 I never dreamed I would have gotten this far. If someone like me can quit, so can you.

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  1. Keep writing and embrace your failures let the Spirit guide your thoughts and when to posts them. I’m in the same situation I’m learning to write when lead by the Spirit so I can’t write by the flesh. Check out my blog would love imput on what you think and others.


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